Okay - this is the first time I have a shot for a tee before the sell-out…are we talking all cotton or am I buying some man-made alternative???


Works for me.


Nice woot - thanks for bringing back good designs. Hope to see more.

The pics in my sig below I already own (second chance rocks).


I’m in for one.
Very deep shirt.woot
+I think I look good in green


The pictures in your post – are those shirts you already own? If so, perhaps you should make that more clear. My first thought was that you wanted those specific designs brought back. (All of them are still available as 2nd chance shirts.)


I don’t have anything against Shan- I very much enjoy the t-shirt, but is it coincidence that Woot picked a shirt that was the color that they just happened to have a surplus of as stated in the derby #5 contest guidelines?

Just curious…

  1. They are not bringing back designs previously submitted, not shirts already offered.



which design was lost when printed? i would think woot would think of things like that. now you have me curious and i want to go back and look at the design picture.


This needs a picture on the back or sleeve of a 2nd person flying through the sky, then it would be hilarious. The shirt image looks sad as it stands.


That’s the POINT. the kids alone.
It’s not a joke.
Takes two to see-saw


Me too!

But after ordering two shirts already last week (Pirate Trip & BreakfasTopo) my wife says not ANOTHER SHIRT already! Can’t win em all…

PS. Thinking out loud…if I just pay with it on credit card she won’t know about it until next month when the bill comes and by then I’ll have my shirt!! hehe…evil!


I like this design a lot. Glad to see it’s back. I’d like to see Path to my Heart return.




enjoy the eve


But it would be funny if the kid knocked off the 2nd person because he sat down too fast/hard. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s rather funny (if the 2nd person doesn’t fall on their head).


haha thatd be great, maybe if the kid on the front were a little fat. and we have skinny flyin through the air on the other side.


See. He gets it.


Duh… it IS SAD. It is SUPPOSED to be SAD. Do you not get the meaning of the shirt name - See-Sawlitude (interpreted - See the Solitude).


I’ll pass on the TEE, BUT this is a really cool thing that woot is doing. Sometimes things drop through the cracks in the derby. This week’s shirts combined with the new derby voting rules renews my faith in shirt.woot. Now if only they would consider using higher quality blank tees.


LOL - This is DEFINITELY the BEST shirt so far!!!


Almost enough to get me to buy my first shirt.

Do they come in 10XL? I’m a REALLY bat fastard…



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