Seed of Evil

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale

Missed this shirt hiding in the closet because of your arboraphobia? That’s ok, come back once you’ve licked it and buy it here!

That’s quite an evil tree, Nicolas! Grats on the print.

Nice print Nick. It reminds me a bit of other woot shirts, but I really like those greens on the white.

By the way, maple syrup is never evil.

Unless you’re in Newfoundland.

Freaky… reminds me of the scare crow from “nightmare before christmas”

I hate to say it because I usually find it to be overused, but this shirt almost begs to be on creme. Great otherwise.

dude, woot. wow its a tree. on a shirt.
this is so original my eyes are bleeding.
no offence to the artist, its a decent sort of tree, but jesus woot can we have a tree week then like get the fuck over it or something?

If only it weren’t on a white shirt…

Evil maple syrup? Something makes me think that would taste AWESOME!

(but would be high in cholesterol, as are most evil things :slight_smile:

I personally like this, however I think it might scare my kids…

My last positive comment was deleted, so I will say again that I like this shirt. However, I’m not crazy about the glasses on the boy. They seem out of place.

I swear, my mustache does not make me evil.

At least, thats what the voices tell me.

They also tell me to buy this shirt.

I don’t know how long I can resist them.

In for one to add to my collection of tree shirts. Maybe I’m a hippie after-all.

I’m normally not keen on the white shirts, but I like this design.

The boyfriend also really likes it, and may very well purchase, which means I may end up wearing it. ;p

(That whole Seinfeld act, about dating someone your size in order to double your wardrobe? It happens, and it’s fantastic!)

lol, I agree completely. Still pretty cool shirt. :slight_smile:

Ugly shirt. My mommy taught me trees are good for us… they help us breathe.

Lots of creepy face shirts this week apparently…

You people sure like shirts with trees on them.

I love trees , the way they look, smell , and the way they cover me with shade. Just don’t thing I would wear one. I bought a tree shirt once the one that has the sqiggley lines on a black shirt “the rustic” I never wear that one.

Probably would get it if it were on a different color. White just looks kinda cheap.