Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

I ordered two of these and both arrived before the sale was even over. One Unipro works perfectly. The other doesn’t balance well, has problems maintaining bluetooth connectivity, and won’t accumulate distance so I’m unable to unlock the limited mode (and get the full 10 mph rating).

I have two of the white Unipros arriving tomorrow (yes, I ordered 4 of them).

I’ve had over 150 Woots and have been a customer for 13 years. This is my first time to exercise the return process. Hopefully it goes well.

Our CS is great. You will have no problems.


The two white Minipros arrived today. They both work perfectly and are awesome. Once we get that problematic one sorted out, the whole family will be rolling together.

CS is working to see if the supplier can replace. If they are unable to replace with another black one, then I’ll see if they can swap it for a white one. If the swap fails, it seems I’ll be getting a refund which is fair.

It’s my biggest Woot purchase ever (over $1,200 in all). So yea - I held my breath a little and hoped for the best when I clicked “Buy”.

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