Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

Wow, this is tempting. Wife and I did a Segway tour when we were in Denver last year and it was a ton of fun. I wouldn’t mind having one or two of these.

Is Woot an authorized retailer for Segway? Just thought I’d better ask because I ran into a warranty issue one time on a Lenovo laptop I bought from Woot before they were an authorized retailer of their products. Quoted below is one reason the 90-day Segway warranty can be voided.

“Products purchased from a non-authorized retailer, or purchasing from a retailer that is selling the product outside of its authorized market (known as a grey-market retailer).”

I bought 1 E1 & 1 minipro last time. The minipro wouldn’t power on. I contacted woot who provide me 3 options: get a partial refund and deal with issue locally, send for replacement, send for refund. I chose option 1 but woot changed their minds and required me to get a replacement. Not sure why, but it only spiraled down from there. After wrong replacement sent, right replacement sent, countless emails, 3 RMAs, and 5 weeks…it finally got resolved. TL;DR if you have problem, you may need a massive amount of patience. That said, the actual vendor shipping these was pretty good to deal with (via email; phone svc wasn’t great). It was tricky to get the right contact info as the included info includes original seller which doesn’t support these.

In the end, I got my Segway and it works now. Apparently the battery goes into deep sleep if they sit too long. woot won’t help much other than above whereas the vendor will provide some tips on reset and will repair if you send to them (I think they cover shipping).

Having a Segway service center near me would make me more comfortable about buying one of these. However, when I went to the Segway website and looked for authorized dealers, the nearest one was near Chicago, around 300 miles away.

That, plus the fact that no one from Woot has replied to my question from over 10 hours ago about whether Woot is an authorized retailer for Segway as far as any warranty issues are concerned has me thinking I should pass on this deal.