Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

I bought these the last 2 times they were up. First time, it was a total service nightmare (woot’s fault) but eventually got sorted out. The 1st one I bought, the unit wouldn’t turn on. Something about deep sleep mode and eventually got it working with the seller’s help. Unit looked new and I’m quite pleased with it. Haven’t been able to ride much due to lockdown. Now the 2nd time I bought 2 units. Neither were in a reconditioned state. One looked like a repackaged return - it was dirty…FILTHY! No attempt to even wipe it down before reshipping. The batteries have ‘void warranty if removed’ stickers that had been half removed and dirt literally dropping off it. The other unit wasn’t as bad, but was still a bit dirty. Maybe QC dept was in a rush due to impending shutdown? The boxes they came in had 2 QC stickers, one over the other, which was the initial indication of return/reship. If my first unit was a 9 on refurb scale these were 0 and 5 respectively. So buyer beware. I’m very happy with the first unit I received. I’d be in again cause I want more for the family, but I’m wary of what I’ll receive.


Thank you for sharing your experience! It doesn’t sound like the second set were reconditioned at all!

Any comments on the ride or safety of them?

I bought these because we rented some while in Singapore. We had so much fun touring the city on our own. The kids 9 & 11 at the time, took right to them. We rode for hours through various parks & some city streets. No issues or accidents (helmets were included). I’ve been waiting for them to hit this price point so we could get our own. I did buy every helmets just to be safe.