Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

Segway miniPRO 320 - Black

I have spent more on replacement parts than I did on the original scooter. Over 2000 miles, I’ve needed just one set of replacement tires but I’m on my fourth knee bar. That orange collar beneath the knob is a plastic that gets brittle over time. The top section of the knee bar wiggles enough to make the metal in the bottom section eventually fail.

That said, I enjoy it enough to continue to replace it. more4motion now stocks just the knee bar frame so replacements will be a bit more affordable.


Kind of disturbing to read that you’ve had to replace that part 4 times. Did any of these failures result in accident or injury? I’ve been looking at these for awhile and contemplating purchase but I don’t want to break my neck just yet.

Kind of disturbing to read that you’ve had to replace that part 4 times. Did any of these failures result in accident or injury?

I’m on my 4th knee bar so I’ve replaced the part 3 times. Even if the knee bar fell off while in motion at full speed there would be no injury risk; I would be able to ride it home without the top half of the knee bar.

I’ve had mine for over 3 years. It gets used constantly. One of my best WooTs ever. This thing is just fun!!!

The minipro does come with a charger, right? It doesn’t mention one in the specs page.

Hi there. Yes, the charger is included.

do any of you know which website(s) given good deal on GoKart kit

Does anybody know which year these are?

Does anyone know what the return policy is on this product?

Here’s our return policy:

This seems to be WOOT day at my house. The UPS driver showed up with another item that I had ordered plus the Segway. I bought a Segway the last time around and we have to fight around here when we want to ride the one we have so I bought a second one.

As with the other item that I received today, the Segway is in the factory box and looks brand new. It does have a factory recertified label stuck to the box but other than that it looks brand new from the factory just like the first one we bought a couple months ago.

I really didn’t know whether my family would like it or not but it turned out they like the first one so much I got a second one and it arrived today.

I see they are sold out already but if they come back again I’ll buy another one.

My 11 year old has it down to a science as far as riding it and the rest of us are learning from her. At least in Ohio we can ride it on the trails and walkways in the public parks. Hoverboards and other motorized devices are prohibited but since the Segway is classified as a personal transport device it is legal to ride them on the trails.

The first day I took the first one to check it out there was a park ranger sitting in the lot so I asked him to clarify it for me. He already knew that they were legal to ride because of their classification and then he asked me if he could try to ride it LOL He did just fine on it. I haven’t seen him lately but I would be willing to bet that he bought one for himself and his family.

Once again Woot came through with a product that looks brand new from the factory. I am confident that their 90-day warranty will cover any problems but I haven’t had any problems with anything I’ve purchased yet.

This mini pro 320 is amazing. I remembered when I first saw a review on one at the time they were released and thought to myself one day I’m going to get one of those so I did. The workmanship and the ability to learn how to ride it very quickly was a big plus for me. I thought I would be on the ground the first time but I have never had an accident with it even at my age.

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Received my minipro about a week ago. Just now got around to making sure it worked before my sons birthday. Will not power on at all. The charger is showing a green light. Seems to be a common problem per google. Emailed Hopefully they will reply soon. Big birthday is on the 16th.

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Same exact issue here. Power brick led shows green but nothing from the minipro. Either the battery is dead or the charger isn’t making a solid connection.
Please post back if you find a way to fix it. Waiting for WOOT to provide a replacement.