Segway miniPRO Electric Transporter

Segway miniPRO Electric Transporter

“Certified Refurbished?”

Is there a warranty in effect for this item?

Also - given the Segway/Ninebot sale - can the original manufacture date be confirmed? (concerned over the age of the battery)

Warranty: SDONA Minipro Warranty.

Not sure if I missed that somewhere, but that’s perfect!

Does anyone know the shipping origin location? Est arrival is 6/19-6/25 but I’m hoping sooner since I’d like to take this on vaca starting 6/20. There was no option for upgraded shipping. Most woot/prime deliveries have arrived early in my experience so fingers crossed!

Is this factory refurbished? What is the manufacturing date? If the battery has issue do we need to contact Ninebot?

The company that provided me warranty support on mine is in Canton, MI. So I’m assuming they are the supplier.

I had an issue with DOA for mine. I tried contacting the Segway/Ninebot number on one of the product insert materials and that went unanswered. Then I got another contact (can’t remember where, maybe another insert) for a company in Canton, MI. Phone support was long hold time. Email support was quicker. They provided some tips for battery reset but that didn’t work. In the end, I had to ship back to them and get it resolved. Turn around was pretty good (pre COVID lock down).

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So did they fix the same unit? or replaced with another refurb.

How is the quality of refurb unit…same like new?

Frys has some of the new units left. Thinking going with new.

Like cars I would pay price depends on milage and condition. Without knowing more its risky purchase for me.