Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter

The write up gives two different top speeds – Which is correct?

Good catch! 10 mph is correct. We’ve updated the sale to reflect that.

Bought one last time Woot had um up. Really fun to ride. The whole family rides it. I may have to get another.

These are $597 NEW in the box at Amazon, why would I want to pay a little less here to get a 90 day warranty? I am just being honest here, because I would not mind saving a little money but is the warranty really only 90 days?

This is a personal transporter,
Compared to a Segway it is shorter.
Dig into your stash,
and send us some cash.
Consider wearing an athletic supporter.

Bought one the last time.
When I opened the box, it looked new. Been riding it everyday except when it rains.

They are 699.00 now on Amazon another 180.00 for a new one. Woot has been pretty good with what they sell and back up.

They read your comment and changed the price to 699. I should have ordered last week.