Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter

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Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jun 06 to Wednesday, Jun 07) + transit
Condition: Certified Refurbished


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Ugh. I am right at the max user weight. So must pass.

Was the “Certified Refurbished” done by the original manufacturer, which I assume to be Segway?

S160 extra gets you a brand new machine and much longer warranty than the 90 day woot warranty at Amazon.
Great reviews there though.

From the description (emphasis mine):
“Ordinary batteries cannot deliver both high performance and distance such as the miniPRO which ***uses an imported, cutting-edge 18650 lithium battery ***”

Just one? That doesn’t seem like it would do the trick…

A battery is a collection of cells. Typically the cells are similar in form factor to a double A size battery in the US.

Love this segway, picked up on amazon new $600 during sale. Excellent commuter vehicle IMO if your area allows for it.

I very much prefer it over bikes because its relatively acceptable on sidewalks, which is much safer in some areas. Also gets you to work without getting sweaty. I accidentally dropped mine down two flights of stairs and its still going strong.

I bought the Segway miniPRO from Amazon last year when it was on “Lightning Deal” for $699.00 Seeing this on Woot! today really stings! Ouch!
Anyway, I have really enjoyed riding around my neighborhood and spooking the Horses and Alpaca. Actually, the Alpaca don’t get spooked, they are intrigued and perhaps somewhat jealous. I also took it to work thinking I would be like a Google employee doing my own thing and impressing co-workers with my efficient travels around the hallways of the big laboratory I work in.
Unfortunately, the only response I got was from others wanting to take a ride on my electric pony. Everyone took a turn, including the 300+lb dude who hopped on while I wasn’t looking and crashed into a storage cabinet. The Segway is fine, so is the dude, but, the cabinet took a nasty fall and won’t open right anymore.
Anyway, I’m having fun with it. The only thing I wish is that it would go faster. I need this thing to go fast, like my motorcycle, fast enough to cause serious or fatal injury. But, alas, just when I think I’m on the edge of thrilling excitement, she pulls back on the reins and slows down. That is a real bummer.

I too am around the 220 mark with this (with backpack and such) and it doesn’t really seem to effect the device, other than the overall range dips a little. But it doesn’t fall apart if you put more than 220lbs on is

I am well above the 220 “suggested” weight rating, i got one for Christmas, i have put many many miles on it and it is still going strong…this thing ROCKS!!!

i am pushing 300 and have 0 issues riding this guy! it is so much fun!

I have had mine since Oct '16 and have ridden 190 mls or so. I am yet to encounter another Segway Minipro. Is there a way to find out where the other riders are?

These were going for $499 brand new at the mothership last week and I have seen that price several times over the last few months.

Yes, the refurbishing was done by the manufacturer. We buy directly from SDONA/Segway

Okay, exactly how much balance do you really need to ride one of these? I have never tried a regular Segway, but I cannot balance on a skateboard to save my life. Will I need full body armor to play with this thing?

I’ve only used the full sized segway. I am tempted to try and I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve used a Segway with two different tour groups. The first time I had read a bit about it so knew not to make the mistake of yanking the handlebar as a support. My father who probably didn’t read up on them and has worse balance than I struggled at first but the tour coordinators were able to help him control it. The second tour I went with my mother. The tour guide took probably and hour or two to try to teach us the “correct” way to stop, which for me felt more dangerous/uncontrolled than the technique I had been using. The guide ended up holding onto my mothers handle most of the time since the other people in the tour left after being unable to “pass” the stopping test. I decided to try a “hoverboard” that was probably the same price as the current mini and felt it kept trying to get away from me so I returned it. The full segway is definitely easier to use than the typical “hoverboard”. I suspect the mini will be somewhere in between, but maybe others can chime in.

I forgot to mention that it felt like I was standing on my toes (ie. high heels) most of the trip which was more tiring than I expected, but still manageable for the average 1-2 hr tour.

The app has a feature that lets other mini pros connect.

Does the same warranty apply to these refurbished units as the new units?