Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter

This Segway is a blast! It’s the real deal. Very solid and steady. FUN FUN FUN! @399 it’s a steal. Enjoy!!!

Unconscionable customer service !!
The day I got it, with NO MISUSE the lever switch popped off (located between the two, rotation control, knee pads. It fractured laterally, directly across a pilot-hole for a retention screw going through the switch casting itself (you can see half of the screw, from head-to-point.
I was told to “find a local dealer and have it fixed.” No mention of one in my area, they will set it up or they would pay for the repairs??
Messages went back and forth until they stopped responding to be all together (no disrespectful language by either of us, though I’m sure my frustration was evident.) all communications were subsequently forwarded to Amazon and was followed by an official commplaint via Amazon. Amazon redirected me back to the vender in spite of the lengthy efforts to that end that I had already shared with Amazon?? NOTE: this was a reconditioned unit and other then the loss of the switch functionality and profound disappointment in Amazon’s failure to protect a very active member of the Amazon-community $$$ in a transaction that they managed and were compen$ated for!
In an effort to represent the transaction as accurately as possible, it should be noted the the I am able to operate the SEGWAY and I am very pleased with it! It is truely amazing!
I paid a lot of money for this toy and ALL OF IT’S BELLS AND WISTLES, They should all work or be remedied without hast o re undue difficulty to the customer. …WITH ALL THAT SAID, THE SUPPLIER AND ESPECIALLY AMAZON DHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!
To my knowledge, the case has been dropped as I get canned-responces from Amazon and haven’t heard from them for a long time now.
It’s embarrassing, the degree to which I have been a loyal patron to Amazon, and be so poorly/unacceptably treated should be remembered by all of us that routinely send them our hard-earned money… ESPECIALLY if you had the diligence to read this book to the end!! Thank you!! … jjf ren kil at ge :email:.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Did you try contacting Segway Distribution? You mentioned that Amazon has been quiet lately - how long ago did you purchase? If it’s still under warranty, or even if it’s not - I would contact Segway anyway. I hope that you’re able to resolve your problem and that it’s still ridable in the meantime.

You should not let that little piece of plastic ruin all of your fun. This Segway is just straight up fun. That little piece of plastic is insignificant compared to the joy you should be experiencing. #relax

Has anyone here bought a refurbished Segway? Please share your opinions . My son BD is coming up , think of getting one here but still have cold feet since it’s a refurbished . Thanks !

You bought this from or Amazon (yes I know the companies are related). If purchased from Amazon, I would have just returned it. If from, this is why I only purchase from here using my American Express as they have return protection. You would have gotten your money back.

Understood that these are refurbished items .
But do they come with the original box with all the accessories or just one piece inside a brown box with scratched marks and wear and tear from previous returners ?

There can be some wear on the item being that it’s refurbished. Most refurbished items come in brown boxes but it can also vary from unit to unit.

Mine came in a Segway box marked refurbished. It was in great shape. Had it for awhile now and it is still running great. Charge last for weeks.

Your son will love it.

Thanks, I’m in for one :smiley:

How well do these handle on steep declines? Do they run out of control or have the ability to limit the speed of descent?

Are these in same class as hover boards due to the battery and thus not allowed to be transported when traveling by plane?

The battery is over the maximum wattage and is not allowed on flights.

What is the warranty?

Hi there. We list the warranty at the bottom of the features. This has a 90-day Woot warranty.

Ok. Ok. I’m in. Bought the white model. Scotty made me do it. I.
Couldn’t. Help. Myself…

You can thank me later…Enjoy.
Took be about two days to get the hang of it(48years old). Took my boys 9 and 10 years old about 4 seconds.

Just got mine yesterday and took it out. It is terrific fun. I am glad I bought one. Multiple people who saw it came over and asked what it was, where I got it, how much it cost, and were very impressed with the woot price.

Of course, one person laughed at me, but I get that.