Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter

Bought 2 last month , nothing but FUN !!

I bought one last Prime Day. I paid full price $700.00 I thought I was getting a good deal cause I’m a Prime subscriber and paid for that privelage. At least a week after the special Prime Day deal, the price dropped on these to well below what I had paid.
I guess this is a public service announcement for those who are Prime subscribers or, are thinking about becoming a Prime subscriber. Often times it means nothing good to anyone, except Amazon.
Oh yea, the device is great fun but for me it doesn’t go fast enough.

Purchased one last time they were available on Woot. Very happy with the product. Easy to learn and fun to ride. The way it was packaged I thought this was new although it is refurbished. If your on the fence about purchasing do it.

I purchased the black one last month and have had tons of fun on it. I hit 60 total miles so far last night. I just bought a white one, because… 'Merica!

I, too, bought a refurb the last time they were on Woot. I would give it a thumbs up minus one strange flaw. I live in a neighborhood that is slightly hilly - nothing like san francisco or anything but a fair number of >10 degree inclines. For some reason that I can’t understand, going downhill causes the Segway to lean so far backward that you have to step off or you will fall off. I believe it has something to do with its attempt to slow the speed of the Segway going down hills but in those cases it’s almost not usable. If you plan to ride frequently in an area that is something other than completely flat, you may want to consider this. I ended up buying the aftermarket handlebars (~$100) but even those barely keep me upright going down hills.

I bought one of these last time and, let me tell you, it is REALLY an amazing piece of tech. I’ve put about 70 miles on mine. Once you get comfortable on it, it is DEFINITELY a viable option for commutes of up to five miles. I’m a taller fellow (6’5, 200 lbs) I would definitely say if you ride at all agressively the battery life is a little unrealistic (I can go about 10 miles on a charge…still good…just not 14). The build quality is first rate. It can take some surprisingly steep hills.

Here are my tips for new users:

  1. Make SURE the tires are inflated to 45-50 psi. It’s counterintuitive because the tires are marked at 35 psi…but the manual says 45-50. The manual is DEFINITELY right. It makes a huge difference in how it rides and what the battery life is.
  2. When you are trying to go over a bump of up to an inch if you slow down, you WILL fall. Although it seems against instinct, if you need to go over a bump you must speed up and think about jumping slightly to go over smoothly.
  3. Yes, the speed limiter is frustrating. It really is. But is not, in any way, a deal breaker. It only goes 10.6 mph. It should definitely be bumped to 15. But I don’t think that’s going to happen…so be aware before you make the buy.

Is this model used here?

Yes. You in for 9 (to form your own group)?

Would never in a million years think of hearing Kashmir played by such a group.

Purchased one last time on Woot to have an extra battery. Machine was like new. I just wish on straight-a-aways where power is not at maximum it would allow a faster speed. I have over 350miles on mine.

Bought one from Woot during their last sale. Had a minor scuff on the hubcap, otherwise looked brand new.
Unfortunately it had two other problems: the knee bar was loose and it liked to drift left (riding and guiding with the handle).

Tried filling the tires, no luck, plus I didn’t want to break the lock-tight stuff to tighten the bar; so requested exchange. Woot couldn’t do an exchange and instead put me in contact with the vendor and I sent it to them for repairs.

Hopefully they can tighten the bar and fix its turning-left-while-going-straight issue or may have to see how Woot is with returns.

Overall though, I loved riding the MiniPro! Really a blast. Should be even better when not having to constantly compensate for left drifting. Hope they can fix it.

There is a way to recalibrate the steering, I’m surprised they did not tell you. Can’t remember off the top of my head, but I think the mode is access by a long press of the power button or something.

Easy enough to master, and I’m over 50 lol.

But piling on the speed limiter frustration, this really interferes with being able to enjoy a long ride since it’s constantly cycling up and down. Surely a firmware update should be able to address the usability, without even necessarily raising the top speed.

In for a white one for the wife. She just tested out mine and liked it. Mine was open box from Sam’s Club, so this one is the first Woot refurb for us. Crossing fingers that all will be ok with it.

You’ll love it .

where to buy a replacement battery ?

Wait for the Woot deal to return, but the Mini Pro, and remove the battery. Now you have a replacement battery. In the US you can check, in the UK speedyfeet. If there is a problem you can also maybe call Segway and they might sell you one. Generally it’s not too easy other than getting the best deal you can on a second machine as that tends to be the least expensive way also if you can’t get it from Segway.