Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter

I’m in for 1 Looks like fun. I’ve been wanting one since they first came out but not for $1000.00 or nore. I migjt even rig it to my delta trike for a poor mans ebike.

Anyone with experience with one of these Woot referbs? Would appreciate hearing about your experience with it.

I have bought two here in July/August. I keep one at home and one at work. I have over two hundred miles on my home unit, and 50+ at work (travel between buildings, and ride to the deli at lunch). Both looked brand new out of the box, and I’ve had no problems with either of them. They are fun, and easy to ride. They are also easy to accessorize. Download the ninebot Segway app and you can see what people are doing with them.

Thank you
mine was delivered an hour ago but I’m at work so can’t play for 4 more hoursa

Just curious, when you park them to go into the deli, is there a lock on them or is it controlled by an app or what? I am thinking about getting one but I do not want it stolen. Thanks.

You can lock them via the app, so it will beep and vibrate if someone moves it, but that wouldn’t necessarily stop someone from swiping it. Personally, I keep it with me. It’s small enough you can either walk it in front of you in line, or I have actually parked it inside the deli near the door and just kept an eye on it. They sell kickstands on eBay for $20 and are a must-have accessory. But, no, you should not park it outside like a bike. There is simply no good way to lock it up.