Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter

Nice Shoes!

If it had a shopping cart/basket on the front it might even be useful?

Is there any warranty in this?

If you have not seen the movie Wall-E
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Hi there. We list warranties at the end of the features.

This has a 90-day Woot Warranty.

I use one for those huge stores and can push a cart and for running the dogs. Going to be at a large outdoor event next week and my knees with both having had surgery can’t hack walking for miles. Got mine second hand after the first owner got drunk and did something stupid. 14 miles is a stretch. Original was 10 miles and is more the norm. Would like to know what the cost is going to be to replace the battery pack

Which year model are these?

My understanding is that there were significant changes (reduction in battery capacity/range and lower top speed) made in the 2018 version.

I bet people said the same (non-auto corrected, period correct referential) thing when the Model T came out.


Found on mothership: Segway website now lists 2 versions, MiniPro 260 and MiniPro 320. The 2018 edition is the MiniPro 260.

Didn’t see a version listed in the specs here. I have seen the new ones hit this price point though seems same 90 day warranty for new.

There’s always a good story behind those awesome craigslist deals

This is the 320.

Do you guys who have this really like it? I have an electric unicycle but I like the way this one will allow you to stand still unlike the unicycle.

They are awesome however these units are getting a little long in the tooth in regards to the battery. My understanding is that Li batteries have to be replaced every 3-4 years whether you use them or not. I’ve asked around and the refurb process does not include a new battery. So ride early and often!!

Is this for handicapped people? If not… What’s wrong with walking?

For those who are looking for batteries/etc. for their minipro there seems to be only one place on the internet for everything. . I got the hybrid tires from them. Difficult to install but they give you an extra 1mph due to the larger size. They also sell a higher capacity battery replacement for $200.

Ya I figured those with trouble walking but the models in the photo seem to be not the target audience. I guess I just don’t understand segways in general since I need the exercise.

I got my refurb from Woot in the December deal for the same price, delivered January 10. I have about 1,500 miles on it since then. I take it to work and ride it to lunch. After work I use it for grocery shopping, grabbing take out, trips to the post office etc. I live in a hilly area and keeping it under 5 miles one way helps with range anxiety.

I’ve had to replace the kneebar when the plastic collar deteriorated; the metal underneath the warning label failed completely as a result of the extra flexing. Spending more than 1/3rd of the price on a single part was disappointing, but repair was not an option. It happened in late June, well after the Woot warranty had expired.

I have somehow lost all of the decorative “blades” on one of the wheels, the other wheel is fine. I added a kickstand and some brush guards. I developed a slow leak in one of the tires but adding some Slime tire sealant worked like a charm. I’ve also done the Kensington lock hack, but I haven’t had a business ask me to lock it up yet, my local burger joint actually lets me ride it in the restaurant.

I’ve had one truly spectacular fall. In the first few days I hit a bump going full speed and ended up flat on my back. No injuries other than my pride.


Nothing “wrong,” but compared to when I’m on my miniPro, I lose about 6 inches in height and 6mph in speed. I don’t sweat as much either. You also don’t crease your sneakers if you care about that sort of thing.

Segway has a model with follow along ability. That other model also has a shopping bag available.