Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter

Segway Certified Refurbished Ride-Ons

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I bought my refurb in December, delivered January 10. The app says I have 1,341.2 miles on it so far. I use it pretty much every day. I live in an agreeable climate with disabled ramps at every sidewalk intersection. My daily commute is 60 miles round trip but once I’m home I rarely drive. Most businesses have been OK with me bringing it into the building but only a burger joint and my local Target have actually let me ride it inside their businesses. If fits under most restaurant tables and is easy to maneuver through grocery store aisles. In California, we’re covered by electric personal assistive mobility device law, if you need it for a disability you’re allowed everywhere but if you’ve just abandoned walking like me there are many more limits. My town technically doesn’t even let me use disabled-accessible ramps or ride in certain business districts, restrictions I’ve ignored. I have not yet had any issue with any cops.

I had prior experience on the larger segways via guided tours so the learning curve was pretty flat for me. I’ve fallen flat on my back once, and have had a handful of “unscheduled dismounts,” but I feel like I have a much better understanding of its (and my own) limits now. 2" obstacle from a dead stop, for example, is a bad time.

I’ve had a tire develop a leak, an easy fix with slime tire sealant. I’ve managed to lose five of the eight decorative blades. I’ve added a brush guard and a kick stand. Adding a Kensington scissor-type lock required a little bit of dremeling, though I’ve only locked it up once outside of a crowded bar. I had to replace the knee bar in June. The orange plastic part had failed, so the upper section was a bit loose and the wiggling fatigued the metal where the upper section bolts to the lower section and the metal eventually just fell apart. I don’t think it was an issue particular to it being a refurb, the replacement knee bar already has its first crack in the orange plastic part. It was a $132 part that has since gone up $5 in price.

Even with the out-of-warranty-period repair, I’m still happy with the purchase. It’s faster than walking and the parking issue in my town is irrelevant to me. I’ve gotten used to the stares and have canned answers at the ready for the usual questions. It’s also just plain fun and a great value at refurb prices.