Segway miniPRO320 Personal Transporter

Segway miniPRO320 Personal Transporter

In 2017, this would be a nice price. By today’s standards, you would be better spending this on a better scooter. These have retailed for as low as $199 brand new on Amazon.

I’m coming up on 2500 miles on mine. I wore the original tires down to the belts and replaced them about 100 miles ago. I’m on my 3rd kneebar, the other two failed in exactly the same way.

There’s an orange plastic collar right below the height adjustment knob. It gets brittle over time and deteriorates making the top part of the kneebar wobble. The wobble flexes the metal around the screw holes until that too fails. An ebay-sourced brace did not help as it only reinforced the screw hole area and did not keep the top part of the kneebar from wobbling.

There’s an aftermarket kneebar/handle thing available that doesn’t seem to have this design flaw, I’ll try it out when my current kneebar fails.

You’re crazy. The cheap Chinese junk they call “hover boards” are nowhere near the quality of this. I’ve had one of these for several months now, and it’s almost impossible to fall off of. My kids have one of the $100 hoverboards and I can’t stay on that thing for more than 30 seconds. Also, if you have money to burn, they have a kit to make these mini pros into a sweet go kart. I have one, and it’s the best thing ever. The kids have a blast on it.

I have a older one going on 4 years now. Use it at convention and walking dogs or Wal-Mart super stores. I’m 58 and no issues. Only fallen 4 times and was my fault. May get this as batteries are almost this price.

I bought 2 here few years back and those are going strong . I have been keeping an eye on here and Amazon for good price thinking get a third one for my younger son . The lowest ever on Amazon was $349 few months back . Of course I could be wrong but $199 for this mini pro is almost unheard of for a brand new one , not saying you were wrong but it could be some other model .