Segway Ninebot Bike Kids 18"

Segway Ninebot Bike Kids 18"

Got one. Figure it’s a good bike for my 8 year (soon to to 9) old son. Hope he’ll like it. The one he has is getting too small.


I made a rather expensive Segway purchase on Woot, but Woot is not an authorized Segway dealer, so Segway won’t honor their warranty.

So even if the bike has a one-year warranty from Segway, Segway will say their warranty is void when Segway products are purchased from Woot. I know this from personal experience this year (2023).

So Segway must love it when you purchase their products from Woot. Because you don’t get a warranty.


That’s why we list them with the 90-day Woot warranty.


But where does it say you don’t get a manufacturer’s warranty if purchased from Woot? It says Woot’s 90 day warranty only applies when the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t.

Why should someone ‘assume’ the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply if it’s purchased from Woot? :man_shrugging:t2:

It should have big red letters on the listing that say “no manufacturer warranty when purchased from Woot,” because how else is somebody supposed to know? Read all the fine print and details before making each purchase? Even that doesn’t work:

I read everything, and I didn’t see anything that said there’s no manufacturer warranty (I expected NOT to get Woot’s warranty, because it only applies when a manufacturer warranty doesn’t.


We list the warranty coverage for every product where appropriate (e.g. not food).

Per our warranty page:


Not listed, it’s most likely not covered.

It’s 100 bucks. Unless it breaks within the first month, I am going to be OK.

Hopefully, I am right.


Segway will honor the warranty on this bike.

So if something comes with a 90-day Woot warranty, THAT MEANS: “there’s no manufacturer warranty when purchased from Woot, so Woot gives you a 90-day warranty instead” (it just doesn’t say that for some reason).

The description of the 90-day warranty says it can only be applied if there’s no manufacturer warranty, but that’s redundant information (since if it did have a manufacturer warranty, it wouldn’t have a 90-day warranty).

So there’s extra/useless/redundant info about the 90-day warranty, and zero info about the voided manufacturer warranty when purchased from Woot.

Reading Woot’s 90-day warranty information does not inform customers that there’s no manufacturer warranty; it makes the customer think there IS a manufacturer warranty which voids/supersedes Woot’s 90-day warranty. It literally makes the customer think there might actually be a manufacture warranty, that’s why it says that :rofl:

Is there anywhere that says “you don’t get a manufacturer warranty when you buy this from Woot? It should simply say you don’t get any manufacturer warranty on ANY ITEM which doesn’t have a manufacturer warranty due to the fact that Woot is not an authorized retailer.

Saying you get a 90-day warranty from Woot is not the same as saying “you don’t get a 1-year manufacturer warranty.”

Key takeaway: if you see a 90-day Woot warranty, that’s the only way to know you don’t get any manufacturer warranty (because this is how Woot lets the customer know they don’t get a manufacturer warranty when buying from Woot).