SEI Coventry Large TV Console

Since I know you are dying for it, here is a video of the this console from overstock.

We bought this same TV stand from Woot back in November. We’ve been happy with it and the quality is ok for the price. The top of it does scratch easily though.

15" deep = worthless for any true A/V gear

The “Antique Finish” sucks. We also bought this exact stand from woot in November. We love the design and size, but it came all scratched up and the scratches are an eye-sore. I called customer service and they said it’s an “antique finish”. Other words, your tv stand could come damaged and they can tell you it’s the “antique finish”. Our finish looks nothing like the preview pictures.

I totally need one of these this width too but my AV gear is all deeper than 15" doh. -__-

Got this in November. The finish is “antique.” But it doesn’t look bad, or of quality.

The unit assembles easily (~ 1 hour including unpacking and laying everything out).

Have not noticed that it scratches easily, as this is being used a TV stand and there’s not a whole lot of moving objects around on the top surface.

Fits a cable box, wireless router, VOIP cable modem and DVD player easily, but not so good for clunky old VCRs. Got some decorative knick-knacks and books in there too. Great size for 42"-47" class LCD/LED TV.

Most people with “true AV gear” will have a projector, or they will wall-mount their TV, and have a “true” AV rack elsewhere in the room.

TV stands like this, I would expect, are more for those who will be storing gaming consoles/games/controllers/and maybe a cable box in it.

Don’t underestimate the number of people out there who still use the speakers that are built into the TV.

I would expect this console is perfect for that crowd.

I’ve been on woot a while and never posted anything, but I have owned this TV stand, so I thought I would give my $0.02.

First, if you have a lot of AV equipment, this is not for you, but you already knew that. You need a big bad media center for that; one that you simply are not going to find for this price. Be wary even if you have a big TV or a stereo receiver. I don’t have a receiver, but I had to cut a hole in the back to fit my HTPC, which is only about 17" deep. Also, if you have a have a TV bigger than 50"it will most likely be wider that this stand and look weird.

That being said, when you take the above into consideration, this is the best TV out there in this price range. I say this after several hours of exhaustive research. It is very attractive, the instructions for building it are very clear and once it is built it is very solid.

The finish isn’t plastic-y looking like Ikea furniture. I can’t really speak to the claim about the top scratching easily, but how often are you sliding stuff around up there anyway? I got my TV positioned with no scratches to speak of.

Personally, I changed the knobs to some brushed silver ones I had and removed the thing on the bottom. I don’t dock it for those changes since that’s a person preference thing and its incredibly easy to do.

I only have 3 real criticisms, besides the stuff above, which are really more caveats:

  1. the “antique” finish. This was a bad design decision. I wouldn’t mind if the antique finish actually made it look antique, but its really cheaply done, so all it is is that a couple of the corners have scratches that reveal the wood. Not great looking, but in all, not that noticable.
  2. The glass on the doors rattles when you open or close them. I never get the feeling that they will break or fall out, so really just a minor annoyance.
  3. The woot price. I actually bought this for $200 in October from Overstock. I’m not saying that you’ll be able to get it for that price if you hold out (right now its $295 on Overstock), I just thought I’d mention that I got a WAY better price.

Hi Everyone. I am a representative for the manufacturer of this item and would like to put in my $0.02.

As with most “antique furniture” our Coventry TV Console would have a single coat of plastic-type, usually polyurethane or polyester to create a tough and resistant surface. While very tough, the single layer of tinted finish means that a small scratch or ding may occur from time to time.

No single finish method is right for everyone, but considerations of value, durability and beauty are all factors we take into high consideration as we continue to enhance our antique wood furnishings for the future.

I appreciate everyone’s input regardless if it is good or bad. It helps us to continually grow! Cheers!

I bought this back when everyone else did. It looks nice, it fits my xbox, games, router, controllers, slingbox, and cable box without looking cluttered at all. I would agree with the “antique finish” being a little meh - there are a couple of spots on the doors and drawer (there is a pull out drawer, which is nice for extra cables) where it’s just bare wood. Up until I read other people’s comments here, I thought I got a slightly defective unit. Hardly noticeable from across the room (7 feet away?), so if it’s not your bag it’s not a big deal.

Also, I have a 47" TV and soundbar on top, fits those fine as well. Overall, it’s nice and worth the money.

What a coincidence they have a 47" TV over at tech.woot. Save $5 on shipping.

We have a 52" Sanyo TV from a previous Woot, and it is indeed mounted to the wall, ( is a great place to get high quality wallmounts for very cheap). It’s very nice looking, and to be honest it’s a lot nicer to be able to move the TV around without having it sitting on the stand, (plus it kindof gives it a floating-TV look!) And, we found our TV stand (similar to this one) at Big Lots for about the same price, and indeed, it does hold our consoles and used to hold the stereo (another woot purchase) until I finally gave it to the thrift store because we hardly ever used it.

This sort of stand is perfect for people like me (“that crowd”). I wouldn’t be surprised to find that eventually the finish does chip, (we do have young energetic children), but being antiqued the scratches don’t generally show up as bad as they do on more modern looking furniture.

It’s not just depth. Don’t expect to put any standard width components into the side door areas either. They are probably OK for consoles though.