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Anyone given these chairs a go? They look comfy…


What are these chairs stuffed with? If it’s foam I’ll pass but if it’s at least fiberfill I’m interested.


From the pictures and description, this looks like the same item at overstock with reviews:

Here is one of them at Amazon:


If only they weren’t bonded “leather”…


Okay, somebody has to do it…





Yes, be aware:

Bonded Leather = Vinyl (with micro bits of leather in there somewhere)


We bought a couple of chairs very similar to these back in January on Amazon for $200 + $100 shipping each. The cut and fabric is identical but the base is a little different.

It’s bonded leather everywhere your skin touches but the rest is just vinyl. The chair has zippers so you can access the inside of it and I was able to see the backside of the bonded leather. It smells and feels like leather and has a suede “fuzzy” backing.

They’re not top quality chairs and the grain is very flat but they’re comfortable enough, swivel and recline but do not rock. They clean easily with a damp rag and we treat them with automobile leather cleaner.

With that said, we like them but bought them knowing they weren’t going to be pieces we’d probably keep in our home for more than a few years.


Just a reminder: bonded leather isn’t.


Hoew do you get seven bottles onto a rack with only six holdy things?

(SEI HZ1018 Adriano 7-Bottle Wall Mount Wine Storage)


Hmmmmm, I shall send that to the Home team for some heavy pondering and head scratching. We’ll get back to you on that.

UPDATE: After many meetings and bringing in members of our analyst team, we agree with your assessment. We’ve change the sale to be a 6-bottle holder. Thanks for pointing that out. As always, if you ordered thinking it was 7 and want to cancel, just email and they’ll assist you.


I have to chime in. I visited a friend and he had an Ekornes chair (which these are copies of, which are in turn a modern copy of an Eames chair) i fell in love with it, 2nd most comfortable chair i have ever sat in after the stickley recliner. Unfortunately i cannot afford the 2k+ price tag.

I have gone to a lot of local stores with the intent of buying a copy for still very expensive,1k plus.

They are not even in the same ballpark. There is no comparison. You just dont melt into them like the ekornes.

that being said, for 300 maybe these are worth it just to get the look. But i would not expect them to be very comfortable


Judging by the base and hardwood style, I would say the one I have right now is from the same manufacturer.

Only difference is the fabric and the massage feature not available in these models.

The chairs are very solid and elegant and although they look big, they fit nicely in small places.

But this chair is for the occasional user. I work on this thing (5 hours/ day) and after 3 months the padding all worn out.

Now the seating area padding is virtually non-existent which shapes your body in a position that causes headaches and chest pains. No I am seating on pillows; the “concept of luxury” is dead.

The good: the swivel in these chairs is great, with bearings, which prevent wobbling or rotating out of the desired position.


Bonded leather is garbage.


I’m in for two and they have arrived!

Love the look of them, now once I figure out a proper wall space to mount them, I shall do so and quite possibly comeback for a repost with pix and my analysis


See DJ Nikon