SEI Wall Decor: Hang It Up

I like just about everything here, but I either own something similar or it wouldn’t match. I especially like the world map wall art, I’m a sucker for maps and globes (as long as it matches my decor). We need more geography on woot!

I’m wondering how to install them, do I need some professional tools?

This is the consensus of the two reviews at Amazon: “This item was poorly packaged and arrived significantly damaged - bent in numerous places.
It is also thin and cheap looking.”

Floating shelves? What you really mean is CAT FURNITURE.

One day I will become cat lady enough to have a house that looks like this.

something all of us Cat Ladies can aspire to. :smiley:

I have the Italian plates from a previous Woot. I really like them. They’re a little bit cheesy looking right up close, but up on the wall they look great. Lightweight, easy to hang. Happy with the purchase.

The wall mount jewelry armoire would make a great place to put keys & such too & the top might even be a good spot for incoming or outgoing mail. I did the measuring though & although it’s trim, it seems I am a hoarder & cannot fit it. :confused:

I ordered the steampunk clock on the 21st. Has anyone gotten any sort of shipping notification yet that ordered one? I contacted woot and they basically told me it was being shipped by one of their vendors and they didn’t have any info on it yet. Just wondering, not complaining :slight_smile:

And just like that, when I got home from work - there it was on my front porch. All hail woot! BTW, this clock is absolutely the coolest.