Seiki Pro SM28UTR 28" 4K LED-Lit Monitor

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Seiki Pro SM28UTR 28" 4K LED-Lit Monitor
Price: $259.99
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Condition: New


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I picked up one of these last time they were here. It’s a great price for a 4k monitor. I had some trouble setting it up and spent a long time going through settings trying to fix it until I discovered 2 things. First, the Windows auto detect set the refresh rate at 59Hz, which caused the monitor to constantly turn off and back on. Changing it to 60 Hz fixed that problem. Next, the colors and resolution were a disaster. It turns out that was because it didn’t like the DisplayPort to HDMI cable I had on hand. I bought a DP to DP cable and that cleared everything right up. Now I couldn’t be happier, it looks great. So if you get one of these fine monitors and are having some trouble getting it to look right, try those two fixes first.

TN, Hmmm, TTTNNNN Hmmm, Hmmm…

Does this work with the Mac mini

So after tax and shipping it comes to $285. For $15 more ($299) and Amazon Prime I can get it in two days. For some reason Amazon isn’t charging tax on this item. And Amazon Prime has better return policies. Think I’ll go there.

If you’re the only one that’s going to be using it TN will be just fine. If don’t want TN, keep shopping and bring a lot more money.

Yes, it should. Both support DVI and HDMI, so you should be good to go.

For the most part, if you’ve got a Mac Mini, the 2014 version will max out at 30Hz, 2012 will max out at 24Hz (barring some tricks), and some people have gotten the 2011 to work a bit

It’s really not recommended.

There are quite a few 27" 1440p IPS monitors for < $300 that give a great picture. That’s what I’d recommend. (Or else a 30" 1600p IPS for < $400)

Well if you are really in it for the 4K why not just add $70.00 and get the 43 inch Vizio TV that is on woot today for $329.99 a lot bigger picture.

Just to add my example to this, about 3 years ago I bought that cheap 4K 39" Seiki 30Hz TV to attach to my macbook pro. (That was when 4K TVs started around $800 for junk.) I bought it for software development, so 30Hz wasn’t that big a deal

My experience: more pixels is nice, but a larger screen is even nicer. (Although you might be pushing it if you try to put a 75" screen on your desk…)

Edit: Forgot to add, when hooking a TV to a computer, don’t forget to shut off things like “sharpening”, which can really mess with a picture

I 2nd that about a larger screen. I also added a 2nd monitor to my large screen central one, and just love having the real estate for things like searching, then copying and pasting into documents. I edit a lot of listing type documents and the 2nd screen seems completely normal now.