Seiko Men's Le Grand Sport Alarm Chronograph



Seiko Men’s Le Grand Sport Alarm Chronograph

$89.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


its alrighttt lookin, reminds me of old men.


Methinks this watch is oogly. I’ll pass


Not bad. My woot! Invicta sticks on the 15-minute/second mark–if I hadn’t already bought that I would definitely be looking hard at this deal. As it is, I’ve got send my watch in so it can be repaired. Bummer.


I like the little pillow but it’s really hard to get a good look at it with that dumb watch in the way…oh well, my cat already has a nice enough pillow anyway



Not a bad Price I suppose. But not my style.


Amazon -



this is really nice…

Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal sounds nice. my watch can use that…

what is the price of gold a oz now?

i have alot of birthdays coming up, this might work or someone


Except when you click on it it takes you to amazon where they are selling it for $128 and some change.


Yes. I noticed that. so I changed my post. Sorry about the inadvertant deception.


I’m glad this comes with the watch pillow. Otherwise nobody would buy it.


Right at this moment, according to Kitco, gold is at 912.70 per ounce. But “gold tone” doesn’t mean the gold color is actually gold. Even if it’s gold plated, and even at these high gold prices, don’t count on there being more than a dime or two in gold there…
(from yer friendly local jeweler here on woot…)


Great. Another watch from sellout.woot

I wonder if they’ll send the right watches.

If they screw this one up too, I wonder if woot will take almost a month before
you ever get the RMA after ignoring your emails and you have to call them long
distance, and then leave you STILL WAITING to get shipped the right watches.

Otherwise, it looks like an okay watch. You can’t go wrong with Seiko’s and it’s a
solid lowest price anywhere on the net.


Nice watch, but I like a darker color myself. Like hematite or titanium color.


Father’s day is only 2 month’s away. It’s never too early to buy a gift!


I think I saw Mike Farrell buy one of these on an episode of MAS*H…


Real gold cost is 907.00 per oz. ( R E A L G O L D )


A Seiko? On Woot? Somebody pinch me. I want titanium color, though, or black…


I’d only buy it if it had one of those “Proud owner of a Seiko Timepiece” certificates like Michal (steve carell) has on display in “THE OFFICE”