Seiko Women’s Stainless Steel Watch



OK, Mom, it’s in the mail!


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Seiko Women’s Stainless Steel Watch
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Seiko Women’s Stainless Steel Watch - SWX327


Talk about a bad WOOT. You can’t even surf the internet with this.


Looks crappy unless you have $50 to pay for a watch.


What is happening to WOOT!?!?!? Ahg, too bad I have already picked out a gift for mothers day.


Looks like a guys watch…

And thanks for the reminder:P


Wow, that’s one ugly watch!

And where’s the USB port?


Too bad I’m a fat bald guy without a woman to give this fancy watch to…oh wait…MOM!


It’s good to see Commodore 64’s still being used for something… HOSTING WOOT! :slight_smile: How many of those things you got clustered!!!

I’d jump on this deal, but I have enough time pieces telling me I should have hit the sack hours ago…



S is for sucky, which the woot servers are
E is for everyone having to refresh, an extra 8 minutes after 1 (am EST)
I is for important, which my time must not be since I am still here
K is for kickass, which a bag of crap certainly would have been
O is for Oh well, maybe tomorrow night

please fix the servers woot, see you tomorrow.


Longest woot wait ever… more bandwidth or whatever puh-lease… hehe…

Here’s my version of the usefull links. No one seems to have this exact watch, but a lot of good ones from the same maker with solid prices…

BizRate Link

Shopzilla Link link link

my fave’s shopzilla… for no other reason than that i think that site rocks. peace.


Ugh, late start for this? What a masculine woman’s watch! My mom definitely wouldn’t care for it.


HUH? No Bag of Crap?? Given the amazing latency, I could only imagine this was due to the crush of successful word of mouth advertising around the outstanding deals, and don’t forget that Woot customer support, why, I could just go on about this all day but, hey, I’m in and this incredibly ugly watch is what’s available tonight.

So, few questions:

Will it play video?
Can it run Linux?
Can it communicate wirelessly with my breadmaker?
Does it come with all the parts or will I need to get some rope and a few extra bolts to strap it to my wrist?
In an emergency situation could I use the wrist strap to saw off evergreen branches to make a shelter?


What the hell is this? $50 for a woman’s watch? No thanks.




Couldn’t find an exact model match on any comparison sites! Looks like Yankee had the same trouble ;(

Woot! deal against a similiar (Japan) model at SecretPrices.

Only found one site with that model. 78.36 EUR

Yes it’s waterproof. Yes Woot’s price is a good deal compared to the other site.


If you really buy this with the intention of giving it to your mom for mothers day… punch yourself in the face.

#18 78.36 EUR, or about $99 US


Come on guys…Woot is thinking of all us mom’s out here…be a good son and buy your mom a watch…and quit complaining!!


Is this watch waterproof? It looks very nice, and for a good price, I just need to make sure it’s waterproof.

And what is the model name/number?