Select Your Monday

Congrats kevlar. I want this as poster so I can throw my pillow at it some fine Monday.

Yeah… I often save, walk in circles around my bed, and grind xp to prep for mondays… grats man- rad idea.

A shirt for the entire workforce!

Hard to pick between my love of coffee, and my love of sleep.

LOVE this design. I’m severely limiting my new shirt intake however, and can’t justify this one because I am lucky as nuts to be scheduled for regular telework on Mondays. Very nice, though.

What is this thing called “WeekEnd”? I know it not.
Coffee, however, I know very well indeed.

Congrats on another win, Kevin!

How about the love of coffee while you sleep? :slight_smile:

Congrats Kevin! Great shirt.

Thanks very much everyone!

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knows the answer. Connect snooze button to coffee machine!