Self-Balancing Scooters (4 Colors)

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Self-Balancing Scooters (4 Colors)
Price: $299.99
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I’ve been researching these scooters lately, it seems that they all come from China and are rebranded under different company names, including American companies, some versions being better than others. The American distributors usually have a 1 year warranty, but cost a lot more. It states 90 day manufacturer warranty, but who is the manufacturer we would contact in this case? Since this is made in China, it could be that there will be no warranty support if it breaks. If it is a legitimate American distributor, I may be willing to purchase.

I got this last month. The battery died and will not charge. I contacted Woot and they were great. They suggested that I return it for a full refund. I would like another board but I am hesitant to order this one.

That’s how many of what brand name sellers in the US procure their product. They go to the trade shows, sees interesting products, get the mfg to print their logo on it, and sell it in the US with a 1000% markup. They have to have a professional looking website to make it look like they designed the products, and hopefully get someone famous to endorse it.

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I bought the same scooter on 10/17 from woot.

After getting the run-around (flat out lies from woot customer service) for weeks, no real apology, an offensive $10 credit, and a half-dozen emails that they never responded to - I decided to forego the 9 years history with woot and boycott this website for life.

Many of those who did get this scooter reported that they were defective. Be careful with the warranty, I guess you need to report it as defective within 24 hours of receipt. Woot won’t help you with any issues, per their usual policy.

I actually just got shipping confirmation (from the original tracking number from 10/17) that my item was delivered … at Woot HQ, of course. I guess they are trying to offload these again about as quick as they can.

And hey woot, since I know you’re reading this - feel free to ban me. :slight_smile: I will be spreading negative word of mouth about this site pretty much everywhere and anywhere, for the rest of time.

Yes, what I was alluding to is that if this isn’t backed by a legitimate US company, that pretty much means the warranty is worthless as confirmed by others posting about their experience with the defective product.

If it was branded or backed by a more reputable company versus being generic, we could possibly get a warranty replacement.

I also bought one the same time. I waited it out, it came, and it was awesome!!! I think, I’m getting 3 more for my kids for x-mas since they keep fighting over this one! (brings out the kid in you)

These are for going around in a circle and then falling off of, yes?

On a different note, since Woot is part of Amazon, be sure to change your password!!

I’m there with you ohwell, we bought one to try it out, and the kiddos loved it. Our power button stopped working the first day and it wouldn’t turn off at all, which resulted in constant beeping. Other than the button, it works like a champ and is fun for our kids ranging from 4-14.

Woot was great and is letting me return it to them for a full refund since they couldn’t do an exchange. I just ordered 2 more, hoping they last a long time.

Side note- Like many others, we had to wait a full month for delivery. We were told the shipment was held up at customs.

Tried one not labeled self balancing and could barely even stand still. I am capable of using a Segway but ones with handles are more expensive. Just curious if the self-balancing mark makes that much difference or my balance is that bad.

I fell down just opening the box !

I waited over two months for delivery was finally refunded my money - found a similar on Amazon - with a 1 to 6 week delivery date - not here yet and probably won’t make it for Christmas - I’m disheartened after reading the problems - well, we’ll see.

I ended up getting one at Modells for a lot more. :frowning:

I just can’t chance it not getting here by xmas.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

We know we messed up bad with the last two scooter sales. We want to show you that this time, the scooters are in our Dallas warehouse, ready to be shipped out.

I saw them myself and here’s photographic proof:

Up so high

Down so far

And with yours truly

And, if you’re unfamiliar with the significance of the DSi Docks, go here. This is now known as “The Dockening.”

Was a bit hesitant to purchase, but I’ve honestly never had a bad purchase from Woot yet. I bought two, we’ll check them out and hopefully everything will be okay for Christmas. Too bad blue is sold out already, would of loved a red and a blue.
Happy Thanksgiving Woot’rs!

First this is info on scooters and general and not a direct reply to the specific product they are selling.

Being experienced with buying and selling self balance scooters. First, yes they are all the same except for 4 choices of wheel sizes (Woot only offers the 6.5" wheel size) and which battery that comes inside.

The battery in all these “different brand” scooters being either a 4.4aH Samsung, LG or the horrible 3.6aH Chinese cheap generic one.

Other than that, the 100 different names/brands you see and hear about are all the SAME EXACT thing from China just with a different company’s sticker heat gunned onto it.

I have took apart more scooters than I would of liked and can tell you the inside of each one is IDENTICAL! Maybe one has a slightly different style LED pattern but there really isn’t much to these products on the inside.

Advise for Woot… if your going to post a picture, maybe not showing pallets on the bottom supporting A TON of weight having water damage is not a good idea. That and also not showing boxes being crushed or damaged. I know they come from China by boat containers at a time but it’s just a suggestion. Not only is that bottom wet box being compressed by everything on top, knowing how China packages these - it is 100% cracked.

LOL - Happy Thanksgiving All!!!
(I personally enjoy my 10" big wheel self balance scooter being a adult).

airmanflipz: That’s tape, not water damage. And these have packaging support inside the box as well. What you’re seeing is the outer box. Inside that is the retail box with packing support.