Self-Balancing Scooters

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Self-Balancing Scooters
Price: $269.99
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Condition: New


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Here’s more information about what the UL listing covers:

Will this explode at any time?

Use the UL Category Code of FKIS on this search to find the manufacturers of UL certified hoverboards.

This company appears on the list: CREATIVE SOURCING INTERNATIONAL DBA
That appears to be the right company according to the box image, but it is misspelled in the Woot! title.

Thank you for not calling it a Hoverboard.

NO! Not unless you strap some fireworks to them…

Here’s what the vendor team shared with us:

“These units (as well as all of the models being sold on Amazon) have undergone UL certification to prove they are safe and that the batteries won’t explode. We worked with our contact on the Amazon product compliance team and got him all of the certifications and info they needed. There should be no doubt of the safety of these scooters.”

That is also a pet peeve of mine. Like, hello, you’re not hovering!!

Do these come with medical insurance?

We bought one last year. It lasted like 2 months and then died. Get the dreaded flashing red ring of death which cannot be resolved even after having watched dozens of Youtube videos on how to fix it. It was an expensive lesson to learn. I would pass if I were you.

The ones last year would be different, as the UL standard didn’t come into play until earlier this year. There were also “heat” issues with some sold in the past.

With that said, I’m well aware that a listing laboratory like UL doesn’t test for reliability, but at the very least, the additional safeguards when it comes to its batteries/charging system is an improvement.

I can’t find any reviews, I am leaning towards swagtron t1.

I noticed all of the Swagtrons have much lower max weight capacity, which is kind of a bummer. I know everyone in my house will want to try it, from my daughter who’s 100 lbs soaking wet to her big & tall brothers and Dad. I do like that most of the Swagtrons have a one year warranty though. That says a lot about their product. I’m going to keep looking…

This one states the capacity at 264lbs.

But it looks like you are because your feet don’t touch…there’s no gait like walking.

All the upcoming models of hoverboard in the market are UL certified.

And amazon also started selling them.They are safe to use.

New model hoverboard reviews are good.