Self-Balancing Scooters

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Self-Balancing Scooters
Price: $269.99
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Condition: New


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How does one operate this device? Will I have a hand free for a cup coffee?

wear fireproof shoes

No fireproof shoes required for this scooter! This little number has a new and improved UL approved battery!

So most of these are off the market but the ones I find on Woot are safe…Ummmm OK. How do you feel about some land I have in the Everglades?

I thought the US government headband the sale of these hoverboards

[MOD: These have updated & UL tested batteries]

Samsung batteries? Sweet, unless they are leftovers from the Note 7.

Everyone says you want the model with 10 inch wheels.

UL 2272. That’s the safety standard enacted for the charging system.

Can you swap out 22 inch rims? Maybe even some with the spinners?


Is this where old hoverboards go to die…a fire sale on Woot? Don’t be surprised if the fine print in the operator’s manual says to “charge batteries at your neighbor’s house only”.

There is a good comparison on YouTube at 6.5 inch vs 10 inch tire Smart Balance Scooter Comparison, Hoverboard - YouTube


Are these licensed by the patent-holder, CHIC Robotics? That would make them non conterfeit, and more likely to work as advertised.

My sons have been riding it around the house all morning. This thing is great!

Fun aside, these are updated batteries.

These units and their batteries have been fully UL 2272 and UN 38.3 certified as safe and come with a UL seal of approval

My son just opened his this morning that I purchased during the last sale and so far it seems like a good unit. The weight rating on the Woot! sight is different than the manual. The manual says 220lbs max, 45lbs minimum.

The manual says nothing about what the meaning of the colored lights on the front mean. They blink, blue, green and occasionally red. Anyone know? Thanks.

I got mine from amazon but it looks lke this one. Probably doesn’t have the “upgraded” stuff since it’s more than 1 year old. But it’s still fun for kids and me to jump on in the house and ride around.