Self-Balancing Vehicle, 2 Colors



come on woot, even the mother ship has a better price @ under $300!


Not the same product. Amazon doesn’t appear to carry the HoovyBoard.


It is the same product, there are quite a few of these for sale at different prices with different names but it’s the same thing.


I saw a dude driving/riding one of these in a bar the other night. Looked pretty cool, although it was the completely wrong venue to be on it.


The word skeptical doesn’t even come close on this one. There are several iterations on this concept out there. It seems like every rapper has their own brand that they are touting and using, but this one is not even on the radar.

The domain was created just 7 days ago, and the price on that site (which I would hope would be the actual manufacturer, if not they suck at the internet) is $399 with free 2-day shipping and returns. So strike one woot.

Strike two is the list price of $1799. Really woot? this is one thing that has really pissed me off over the past few years with you guys. Do you have a “Inflated List Price” dartboard that you have a blindfolded intern throw darts at to set these unrealistic list prices so you can say it’s 75% off?

Wikipedia defines list price as:
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), list price or recommended retail price (RRP) of a product is the price at which the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product. The intention was to help to standardise prices among locations.

So when the hoovyboard website, which should be assumed is run by the manufacturer, sells for $399 and woot sells for $449 with e list of $1799 who is setting the list price?

This just reinforces why I don’t buy much from woot anymore.


A severely disappointed, long-time, BlackBox wooter.


well, just this morning it was $299. now they raised it over $315! i guess the prices varies on how many people visit that page…

and also i agree with you ndeans 100%. i was once a daily wooter myself. now i hardly ever come to this site since the prices are not as worth while like they used to be!


You’ve got to be kidding me woot! This is priced for the suckers :expressionless:


I’ve bought a lot from Woot, and still do, after researching those things I’m interested in. Everything I buy is an excellent value/price. But yes, you need to put in a little effort to spot the “sucker deals” which obviously you do. Unfortunately not everyone does!


Saw an article recently on these boards and how all these no R&D companies are making a killing browsing the Asian electronic shows, hit on something interesting, give it to someone famous in the hopes they will post a pix of them on it, and charge an insane amount for i. They probably get it similar price to what the OEM are selling on Alibaba, which is around $100-200 and mark it up close to 2000%


Just click on the blue “150 New from” clicky on that page and you will see a bunch for $300 or less.

There are all kinds of “brands” of these things. I really think there is one company pumping these out and they will sell them with any name you want on them, so you can resell them and pretend you have a unique product.


The rappers must have caught on the scheme where huge demand that gets created when they post a picture on instagram of them riding one of them (or using anything…usually provided free by some import/export company that rebranded a chinese no-name product).

As the article stated earlier, it is one company. It stated a electronic show browsing company called Phunkeduk tried to get its board promoted on a TV talk show, but another company 1O Hawk says they are using their board, and the l0 logo on the board proves it. But the lO logo doesn’t even belong to 1O Hawk, since it is the logo that’s on the original board from the Chic, the company that is the inventor and mfg of the board.


I just read the article in your link. Thanks. Good read.


Good Read…
Runs off to go start “Surefoot boards” company


I’ll just leave this here: