I’m quite happy that this shirt has been lionized by the community

That’s why lions are known as King of the Classroom.

I’d like to see Bart Simpson do this during the opening credits.

Nobody cares about the dog’s self-expression–he put six petals on his flower.

Super cute!

Too bad I’ve got a bit of a Buddah belly, and great big boobs, so the design wouldn’t show up the way it should.

WXL ftw!

It’s like Harold and the Purple Crayon. You know…if the lion was named Harold and all those colors were purple.

Life is not always what it seems, express your dreams and remember who you are my son.

I want to reach out and cuddle that would be king. Adorable!

In for 3, how could I not be with Two Leo’s in the house! :slight_smile:

I’m really loving the strong asymmetry of this shirt. It really helps carry the imagination aspect of this design.

And if they were using crayons.

This shirt is “winning” like Charlie Sheen! Wait, no, really I love this shirt. Other families walk around on vacation in their matching Old Navy Flag tees. My crew will be rollin’ in this. In for three!

finally!!! :slight_smile:

The cat tries so hard so keep up with his older brother lion.

YAY!!! A great big ‘thank you!’ goin’ out to everyone who voted – the little lion finally gets to shine :smiley:

PS. I believe it’s pronounced “PAWN-shar-train”, Woot writers :wink:

and I just can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiit to be king!

congrats on the print! I love this ^^

The ratio of conformists to creatives is probably not one in four. Statistically they are all extraordinary with four animals that can draw and not an elephant or chimpanzee amongst them.

I appreciate the stream-of-conscienceness feel of the lion’s drawing, with the different sorts of lines, yet the design still has fluidity and cohesiveness.

I don’t think the actual ratio could fit on a tee, though.

Being a math major with an accountant for a father, asymmetry melts my mind.