As both a Leo and someone who always makes the simple complicated, I really identify with this shirt. Love it!

So I guess he dreams to become the king of the mono-winged griffins?

Unless you drew them really small.

Or used scientific notation.



Those with “great big boobs” probably can’t fit into a WXL. Just sayin’ (from experience).

More likely.

That lion looks too young to have a mane already.
It usually will *just* start to grow at 18 months and be fully grown at about 5 years. This lion looks no more than a few months old.

This is still a super cute shirt.:slight_smile:

Congrats Stardamsel!

Kind of surprised the writers didn’t throw a little Mardi Gras twist on the bio with it being in full swing right now and slidell being so close.

Now you have a really good reason to party through Tuesday! :slight_smile:

Whenever you print, I see Slidell, and it reminds me of a few years ago when I went to New Orleans on spring break with a friend. Said friend had a few too many drinks and scared away two beautiful babies from Slidell we had been talking to for quite some time with his overzealous dancing. The look on his face would’ve scared me away too, haha.

Anyways, congrats, and here’s hoping you weren’t one of those girls in 2006! :slight_smile:

Congrats, Stardamsel! This design is one of my favorites from Woot. Really great mix of artistry and cuteness. :smiley:


The lion sure is full of himself. I didn’t vote for him.

Fantastic piece of art! 100% glad i opted to buy this. Definitely looking forward to more of these designs.

So many cute little animals this week. What will we see in the Woodland Animals derby? I’d hate to think woot shot it’s wad.

I can’t look at this without thinking that the little cub is a young Aslan.

It awesome. I love me some C.S. Lewis and this just screams “Aslan!” to me.

Love it.

Not quite fare is it though? The other kids only had one color to work with; lions hog everything.

I love how you depicted the dog and cat comparing and judging each others work to their own. That detail really highlights the need for “Self-Expression” and originality as an artist.

Been buying Woot shirts for other people as of late but had to grab this one for myself.

I never could stay in the lines, am a Leo and left handed. If that lion had reddish brown hair and was headed for detention it could almost be me.

So this one I had to get just for me.


Nobody for yelling SIMBA! here?