Self Heating Quilted Dog Mat

Self Heating Quilted Dog Mat

It is less than 2 ft by 3 ft in size yet woot shows a full size dog laying on it - more deceptive advertising from Woot and their sellers. SHAME, SHAME!!!


More? You joined Woot 5 minutes ago. How would you know?

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Everybody’s join dates are off right now. Play nice.

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:sweat_smile: you’re saying I didn’t join just a couple days ago too?

heh, yeah, should have checked that with the new forum and all.

Mr. Mihnken, go ahead and get back to your website-shaming or whatever you were doing. lol

Hi there. That was the only image we could find for this item. We’re asking the vendor if they have another photo.

I take it that the materials reflect the animal’s own heat to them? 2’ x 3’ sounds like a good size for a couple of cats.

Deceptive phito.
Also no washing instructions.

Glad you said something. I was ready to order one. The dog was photo shopped. Guess I will have to watch Woot a lot closer. Bought some items in the past that were good.

" Self warming materials keeps your pets warm "

Must be made of radioactive materials ROFL.

I’m seeing $19.99.

There is no more ripoff crap than Woot. This dog mat is very small and not worth half of the price. Woot is beginning to suck !!!

Yep. Just now. Woot is beginning to suck.

I miss the old Woot.

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Agreed! I did not bother to read the details stating the actual size and received mine today and was so disappointed. The picture is extremely misleading. This does not work for my dog which happens to be the same size as the dog on the picture. Shame on woot and the vendor.

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Hi guys. I’m sorry. We definitely didn’t intend to mislead you. We’ve asked the vendor for new photos but they haven’t come yet. I’m talking to the home team again.

Please reach out to woot customer service to return the item.

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Very disappointing you know it does say in the description a number of inches that it is but kind of don’t imagine it being as small as it is it’s more like a hand towel size very disappointing my dog is just like the dog in the picture this is clearly intentionally misleading and this was an accidental and I’m very disappointed my Pinyan there was Saul a much larger like it much longer pad and they should send them out right away

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although the written description is accurate, the photo is seems obviously intentionally misleading and for the price vs size…not a good deal at all. much better standard deals at any local retailer selling dog beds or dog mats…I made one more purchase from woot and I’ll see how that goes…might be my last.

Hello there. I’m sorry for the photo issues. We reshot the photos when we reran these items last week using actual doggies from our office.

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Awwww :dog2: :purple_heart:

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