Self Secret Santa: Gifts For YOU



Self Secret Santa: Gifts For YOU

Broc Cellars 2008 Dry Stack Vineyard Bennett Valley Grenache 3-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $106.55) 39% off List Price
2008 Dry Stack Vineyard Bennett Valley Grenache

Rutherford Hill Napa Valley Mixed Red 2-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $110.85) 50% off List Price
2006 Rutherford Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
2008 Rutherford Hill Winemaker’s Red Blend

Kent Rasmussen 2009 Petite Sirah 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $137.20) 56% off List Price
2009 Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah

Monticello Vineyards Napa Estate 2007 Syrah 3-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $132.25) 43% off List Price
2007 Monticello Vineyards Estate Grown Syrah

Woot Cellars 2011 Triacipedis the White III 5-Pack
2011 Triacipedis the White in the Dominion of the Flower-King


Now this is the kind of present I can get with! :smiley:


Popped the KR PS the other night, and after a three hour decant, it was still tight.

Has potential, but it needs serious cellaring. Just an FYI.


Don’t kill babies!!!


Kill them I say, Kill them :slight_smile:


A smiley face doesn’t make this comment any less insensitive.


Pretty sure we are talking about wine here on a wine board??

Edit: And my apologies for the insensitive post.


And now, time for a special holiday treat known as moderator awkward topic shift, soooo…

How about that Grenache?


Since you asked, Broc’s Dry Stack Grenache is a standard, ‘old reliable’ at my house. One of my favorite domestic Grenaches, bar none.


You have no idea where you are right now, do you?




A few notes from a year ago with a rat, when the Brock was only $43 for a 3-pack. Must have a pricey storage facility.


Yes, if only my stock portfolio rose as quickly as Woot’s prices, I could afford them. Sigh.


I opened two last week also and agree it was slightly tight. But there was no complaining from everyone who was drinking it. It got high marks from all, will order more and consider putting them away for a year or two. But don’t hesitate to drink now. :slight_smile:


Holidays are all about awkward topics. That is the best part of a family gathering.


A few fun facts regarding the Broc Dry Stack Grenache:

-As I’ve mentioned, I’m a genuine fan of this wine. I like small producers that do small lots of vineyard-designate wines; and grenache is a varietal, when done right, that I love. This is one of my go-to wines for dinner parties; people want to know what it is and where they can get it…

I think winemaker Chris Brockway does some great things with this grape. (His Caragnane is pretty sweet too). There’s a nice article on him in the SF Gate, here.

-This wine retails at the winery for $30, so this is a nice discount at $64.99 for 3 bottles. We’ve sold it at this price twice prior during the Broc Woot+ and the Grenache Day Woot+.

-I also used to be able to get it for $30 from a small wine store in Southern California, when they had it. They no longer do- it’s hard to find anywhere- small producer/small production (184 cases).

-Anyone who bought it at the $43 for a 3 pack was very lucky indeed. It ran at that price in a 24-hour offer, and then soon thereafter during a woot-off. After the woot-off, we discovered that there was an error… a ghost in the machine perhaps… the $43 price was supposed to be for 2 bottles… Naturally the price was honored, but was corrected going forward. IMHO the current pricing is a solid deal, at the earlier, incorrect pricing, it was a steal!

So this wasn’t a case of ‘the price going up’, this was a case of ‘an incorrect price being corrected’.

With all of that, each will decide whether this deal (or any of these) are for them… This one hits a lot of my criteria: Unique varietal, vineyard designate, hand-crafted by an esteemed winemaker, aged in 100% French oak, hard to come by and…frankly, it’s delicious.


I have bought the Broc three times and it’s an excellent deal at the current price!


It’s a witch! Burn it, burn it!


That Rasmussen PS is a steal at $20. Many of the regular people here know this. He’s a great winemaker. Buy a case! I have about 14 of these (07 and 08s) and if I had the space and money I’d buy more. Elegant and refined, yet with the heft and fruit you’d expect. Not a typical PS and possibly unique.