Selfie Stick w/ Bluetooth Shutter Remote

How does this attach to your iPhone? Is it iPhone 5s compatible?

I was wondering the same thing…how does this thing work with an Iphone 6? Anybody else that bought this figure it out? Looking at the description page again, I don’t see anywhere that it says this stick is mobile phone compatible. However, it does say it is for a mobile phone on the packaging and even the remote buttons say IOS and Android. Idk…any ideas Woot?

I’d say, based on the second picture, that the little black “cradle” holds your phone, maybe in a landscape position.

Yes, you are correct. That’s not the issue though. The cradle holds the phone just fine, the issue (for me anyway) is getting the remote to connect to Bluetooth so it will take the picture. I was just curious if anyone else that bought this was experiencing the same problem.