Selfie Sticks At Last!

Proper use of a selfie stick shown here.

Finally someone who knows the true use! Selfie sticks are a plague on the world today.

are they compatible with Windows phones?

First question is which item?

Looking at the sale, quite a few are Bluetooth enabled. As long as your phone supports Bluetooth, it should work.

If it’s anything like the ones I’ve seen… the bluetooth remote only works with their proprietary photo app not the phone’s standard camera app.

You know you are a narcissist if you own a selfie stick.

Or a T-Rex…But yeah, one of those two.

You’re a narcissist if you own a T-Rex?

Oddly, I first got a selfie stick because while on a scuba trip a few yrs ago, these non-serious divers with gopros on a stick were able to get those cameras up to the face of critters while us with the big camera gears scared the same critters away. I did see divers use it for selfies back in 2011, but I disregarded it as newbies who’s more into themselves than the diving.

Soon after I got the stick, I started using the stick for video selfies, but only on rare events like hot air balloon rides or rides on a camel, or just experimenting like while skiing down steeps or speeds.

Iv’e been around the “selfie” block recently when I took my daughter to DW and people really don’t want to take pictures for you and they can’t line up a picture to save their lives. So I went on the “stick” hunt. Tried around 15 models but I’ll tell you my experience with three here and the one I settled on.

I bought and returned the iPM ICE-01
Rubber sleeve around the handle tends to move causing the BT button underneath to never line up, Head is weak and will let you phone droop, poor construction and it’s too big for your pocket (12.2"). Assembly each time you want to use it was also a pain.

I then bought iPM B015 and returned.
No BT to deal with and no charging but the stupid head jack cord was a PITA and the holders clamp was not wide enough to prevent phone slippage.

I then bought the iPM B012 and returned.
It was just defective and sloppy

Finally, I bought Mpow® iSnap X for $20 and have been happy with solid construction and grip of the phone. I don’t miss the camera mount screw because none of these sticks can hold the weight of more than a phone anyways. At 7", pocket friendly and wrist strap it just worked best for me.

As a side note: for those wanting the IPM 4 LED Photo And Selfie LED Flash remember the 3 times you will actually use it, you can just turn your phone around in the holder of the selfie stick and change back to the primary camera and let your actual camera flash do it. Once you have experience with a selfie stick, it’s fairly intuitive to line up a shot without seeing it.

Now if your phone doesn’t have a flash, then you need this.

now i can have pictures of me :frowning: