Selfie Sticks

I’ve never seen anyone using one of these, does it look ridiculous?

Will this work with a Windows phone?

it does look ridiculous, and they usually fall off cliffs or knock down priceless artifacts in the process. I usually have my photographer take pictures of me.

How is the shutter actuated? I use a different Android phone, abet still a Samsung, but not in the S series. Will this work?

I know this is a pizza hut ad… but it seemed relevant

Guys… this is real life. Woot! is selling Selfie Sticks. I just… I don’t know how to move on from here.

I prefer to take youies. They’re like a selfie, but I take a picture of you.

I was about to post this!

These are being banned in a lot of places thank god.

i never take selfies but i was a my son’s concert and my partner asked to record one of the songs and i wish i had one of this to just stick my phone up in the air instead of holding up my arm. just a thought

Fact: If you buy one of these and use it, you are a blight.


In the old days we would just ask someone else – speaking to strangers, I know – to take the picture.

whenever I ask strangers to take pictures, their aim is usually wrong (centering on us instead of the whole scene), and if I do tell them to try another one pointed at the scene (which I might have done only once), we usually come out of focus because they don’t know how to pre-focus, or exposure is wrong because they don’t know how to adapt to bright background and/or know how to use the flash to get proper foreground/background exposure. I would go thru that much trouble to get a proper picture of us since probably only 2% of pictures tourist pictures I take are of us.

When someone asks me to take picture of them, I sometimes take 6 or 7 shots, pre-focusing, exposure lock, adjusting flash brightness, etc, to get the picture just right.

Of course, I wouldn’t be using the selfie stick since it holds nothing more than a smartphone camera.

Mine broke after the first use - WORTHLESS, DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT.