Selk'bag Wearable Sleeping Bag

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Selk’bag Wearable Sleeping Bag
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Should have a mesh for the face so bugs can’t crawl inside and on you.

This bag would have ruined my favorite night time boy scout camping ritual.

I’m almost afraid to ask…

Dropping tents wasn’t good enough?

All kidding aside, this thing looks like nothing more then a badly made snowmobile suit w/booties but it would be something better to keep in your car during winter in the event you get stranded. Doesn’t compress good enough for an emergency go bag but still looks like it has some use.

Not a great idea to separate arms and legs from the torso. Keeping it all in one bag combines the warmth.

This might be a good idea if you’re camping in a place where you need to walk a distance to use a bathroom. Just get up, walk to bathroom, walk back and lay down. Also using a larger size and adding layers underneith would allow use in lower temps.

Problem with that is that you’ll generate sweat from the activity of walking to the bathroom and back, and once you’ve cooled down, the sweat trapped in the suit will cool you down more.

the only people who would buy this are those with a subscription to soldier of fortune, and a stockpile of food and bullets. And perhaps it would be perfect for their apocalyps go bag! Only problem is unless your surviving Florida in spring you’d freeze to death your first night out. Better off with a coat.

True but shouldn’t be an issue with this – it’s only rated for 44 degrees.

This thing is one errant campfire spark from turning you into the Wicker-man…


Contemplating buying one of these for daytime wear, so that I don’t have to turn the heat on in my office in the winter.

Good outer cover for the robot you are building.

Wickerman! Lol. Hopefully the original Edward Woodward one and not the Nick Cage monstrosity.