Selk'bag Wearable Sleeping Bag

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Selk’bag Wearable Sleeping Bag
Price: $43.99
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7/24/2017 - $43.99

Looks like the snowsuits we used to wear sledding

How do you go to the bathroom???

It’s an adult sized, one piece snow suit!!! ROFLMFAO!!!

Hmmmmm, I am curious.

I thought about buying this for the wife so I wouldn’t have to crank the heat come fall, but realized she’d just get used to it, wear it in the summer and crank the AC to compensate.

Only good down to 44-degrees? That’s only good for summertime unless you live in Florida.

If you live in Florida, you have my sympathies.

I like part about for below average weight. So not for 99% of the population. It’s a onesy for adults that are anorexic.

Very good.

The way I see it any survivalist that buys this will last about 15 minutes longer than the rest of us.
Or - it can be used for adult cos-play with an adult diaper, bib, and pacifier. Survivalists do love multi use gear!

I immediately thought of the little kid in The Christmas Story when I saw this!

It did get some good reviews on Amazon though -the main issue seems to be sizing since people come in different shapes as well as different sizes.

Gear junkie seemed to like it for kids and car camping but not for adults and serious hikes.

Not for me though.