Sell Out Your Pets

The 200 box of pee pads is currently cheaper on amazon at $36.54 and prime eligible.

We bought these a few weeks ago for our cat who has been going outside the litter box and they seem to work well, the bottom of the pad feels a little damp but it doesn’t seem to be leaking through to the carpet.

A huge YAY to Woot for promoting rescue dogs!!!

That poor dog doesn’t look like he’s having any fun in the “play pen”.

What fun. Rescue a dog and shove it into a tiny cage.

Thanks for promoting pet rescue! Adopt a dog today, please!

Oh pfffffft. He’s a model and he gets all kinds of attention around the office, especially during photo shoots.

The training pads were 24.99 (box of 200) on 9/13.
How is it the sellout price is $39.99 for same

Huh. That was a booboo. The buyer is making a price adjustment.

If you already purchased, money will fly back to your pockets soonish.

Sorry about that.

//color us embarrassed

Does the Iris Playpen have a door in one of the sides? The one on Amazon does but the one offered here doesn’t show one in the pictures. The part number is the same though.