Sellout Garage Sale



DON’T BUY the HP DM00070B DVD-R 16X 4.7GB 50-Pack Spindle! There is no spindle, just 50 discs in plastic wrap. They were thrown in a box with no packing material, the plastic wrap broke open, and what I got was a cardboard box full of scratched DVDs. False description of the product and bad service all the way around. I told Woot about this and they should not be selling these.


I thought “sellout” was extra-cheap, then “garage sale” on “sellout” would be “wow I can’t believe the prices on these things!”

I was right. The 5" knife is $25 MORE than it is on Amazon. I can’t believe it.

I liked it better when Woot was truly a “deal a day” site.