Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts

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Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts
Price: $29.99 - 64.99
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6/14/2016 - $29.99 (Woot Plus)

I bought one of these a while back. I like it a lot, but it does not function quite the way I imagined as a heads up.
-Assembly was relatively easy, at least for using the Clamp version. (I didn’t drill holes or any of that)

  • It allows me to orient my monitor into a more custom view point for me on my desk.
  • The footprint of the clamp holder at the edge has it take up far less of a footprint on the desk for more work area in the case of bigger original monitor bases like mine.
    -Make no mistake, you CANNOT adjust this thing significantly on the fly. You might get away with a little nudge here and there, but don’t (like I originally thought) think you can just spin it around to watch from another part of the room then spin it back on a whim. If you try, it tends to loosen more of the adjacent connections and it slides out of place unless you get the wrench out again.
    -As you might imagine from the above, the final stage in assembly of orienting the thing isn’t too easy.

Overall I’m glad I bought it though as it freed up desk space for me.

Vesa mounts. They can be altered to fit non vesa

I bought one of these for my gaming monitor (27") when they were sold here back in May. I got the single arm version. The first thing I can say is that they are extremely high quality and are made of thick metal, making the assembled product very sturdy. I haven’t had any issues with loosening like another comment said, except for the initial adjustments. Once I had it dialed in, it’s been great for 2 months now, and I move it every time I use it. You seriously can’t appreciate how nice this product is until you see it in person. I was surprised when I took it out of the packaging. For $30, it’s a steal. I would highly recommend these.

So, it tilts and it swivels. But does it rotate (landscape ⇄ portrait), too?

How high up does it go? I have my monitor on a stack of books because it’s too low otherwise.

Vendor confirms: yes to portrait and landscape rotation.