Seneca Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mounts

I am currently using the dual version of this desktop mount. I absolutely love it and all of my coworkers want one too. It was relatively easy to assemble (I used the clamp method) and has not fallen once (and I have had it for awhile). It frees up a lot of space on your desk.

Ditto that these are great. Only caution is that when you do leverage the dual or quad versions, make sure that your monitors will fit together with appropriate room for your desired maneuvering.

27" monitors seem to be the max for dual/quad arm mounts these days (validate this for your scenario, but just my experience with two 27" Asus monitors PB278Q)

I just got mine, the instructions say to drill a hole in the desk. I’m not super excited about that. I thought this only required clamping. Has anyone tried just clamping without drilling the hole? Is it sturdy enough?


Disregard, I didn’t realize step 1a, 1b, 1c were mutually exclusive. 1a is the clamp method. I read it too quickly…