Seneca AV Dual Desktop Monitor Mount

Anyone have this already? I’d love to replace my workstation dual mount. At the slightest touch, one of my monitors always falls sideways.

Anyone know what size monitors these fit?

Up to 27" Per Monitor per their product website.

Do you think it’ll work with 2 different sized monitors? One side 32" and the other a smaller 21". The site doesnt say much about mixing / matching

Bummer - Estimated delivery is Saturday, but the office is closed Saturday, so that means delivery on Tuesday as FedEx Home Delivery seems to not like to deliver Monday.

I use two different size monitors, a 19 and a widescreen 22. This thing is amazing. Super solid, and they give you tons of extra parts (like cable rigging, screwcaps, monitor bolts). Two different ways to mount. Diesel thrumbscrew style clamp, also a drillable post. Really great and super sturdy. Comes with the two tools you will need to make any positioning adjustments. Will buy again when these come back.