Seneca Desktop & iPad Mounts

Had some interest, but after going to the amazon link (who is selling it for $56 BTW) I realized that it will support 22 lbs TOTAL, not per arm. This was not immediately clear to me based on the description here. Not sure how much a typical 24" monitor weighs, but I’m guessing it won’t take much to go beyond that supported limitation.

There are no reviews of this item, so if anyone has any experience with it, please supply some comments.

At the top of the second page in the product documentation on the Seneca website, the answer is “The SD12 is designed to mount two flat panel monitors weighing up to 22 lbs (10 kg) each …”

Does this support two 27 inch monitors? Each is less than 22 lbs.

Going strictly from the product information on the Seneca website, and the manual referenced previously, here are the facts as I read them–

The SD12 double mount will indeed support two standard 16:9 27" monitors IF both monitors are equipped with VESA 75mm or 100mm mount spacing on the back, and if each monitor weighs less than 22 lbs.(from what I see in the specs of several models of 27" monitors, the weight shouldn’t be a problem), AND if the bezel surrounds on both monitors are not freakishly wide.

I think I’m going for it for future use. My current monitors do not have VESA mounting but they won’t last forever, and this is a pretty good deal.

These are the exact same design as a dozen other monitor mount makers.

We started buying some of these for work, the dual mounts with a base, and they are holding up 24" monitors with no problem. I also own a single mount myself that’s holding up a 27".

They’re all the same design for the most part with relatively the same prices.

My experience is with different brand names, but they are identical looking when comparing them.

Anyone know what the maximum reach is?

Not sure I can get it close enough if I set it up on this desk:

Hi there. What item are you asking about?

Huh. Thought I had it in the original post.

Anyway, I was talking about the single-monitor mount.

Here’s the product page. Click on details and there’s some pretty drawings. Looks like 16.6" is the max extension.

For the dual mount, looks like you would have to get two identical monitors as the height cannot be adjusted separately. Not a deal breaker, just something to consider.