Sengled Pulse Bulb Kit - Your Choice

Sengled Pulse Bulb Kit - Your Choice

Today Only - ends in 21hrs or until sold out

Sengled Pulse Bulb Kit - Your Choice

$2299 – $12999

“With blubs like these . . .”

With Blubs like these, who needs bulbs?!?

I’m confused, the specs sound like you get twice the number of bulbs as the pack number:

1 Pack Includes:

  • (1) Master Bulb
  • (1) Satellite Bulb
  • User Guide

4 Pack Includes:

  • (4) Master Bulb
  • (4) Satellite Bulb
  • User Guide

8 Pack Includes:

  • (8) Master Bulb
  • (8) Satellite Bulb
  • User Guide

So a 1 pack has 2 bulbs total, 4/8 & 8/16?

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My first question is, why would I want lightbulbs with speakers in them? I’m having a hard time imagining the acoustics being very good. You’re going to stick a speaker in a recessed lighting canister???

The little Echo Dots have AMAZING sound quality - I’d just buy one of those and then put lightbulbs in my recessed lighting canisters.

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Just seeing who is awake. YOU ARE!!!

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They are a pair - Master/Satellite. One pack is one pair. Four packs is 4 pairs.

“With bubs like these . . .”

I bought a set the last time they were on here. I was surprised at how well they work. I have both in the wall lights on the back patio and linked to an Echo Dot for music. The sound is pretty good and they look a lot better than having ugly speakers mounted around the patio. The only drawback has been that Alexa can only link to and control the speakers (not the lights). You have to disconnect Alexa from the speakers (bluetooth) and then connect your phone to use the Sengled Pulse app to control the lights or turn the light switch off then back on (which also requires you to link them back to Alexa).

Still a good buy and I wish they were selling some of the satellite bulbs to add on to what I have instead of these full master/satellite sets.



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I bought a pair of these last time they were on sale. I played with the master for the longest time but wasn’t able to make the sound work. I finally installed the slave, and it could now play sound. The master is apparently not working. I then started looking into returning it to be fixed, but either I lost or never received the tiny receipt that often accompanies the delivery, which is required for an RMA return. Can woot possibly send me another receipt, or can they handle the return for me? Speakerless In Seattle! (I am not really in Seattle - but it sounded good when I typed it!)

You don’t need the receipt. Just go to your order on your order history and click “I need help.” This will start the Woot CS support form.

If you need a receipt to talk to Sengled, we don’t have real receipts per se. You can print out your order details for that order though.