Sengled Smart Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

Sengled Smart Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

Maybe these are better, but the Sengled Multicolor bulbs I’ve had have been just ok. They sometimes work with Alexa. Sometimes they both come on or go off and sometimes one stays on/off. The color feature is cool, but dimming can be sketchy. If I want it at 50% power, I usually have to tell it 10%. Has it been bad enough I want to replace them, no, but I definitely wouldn’t buy another pair of these.

Note, these are Zigbee bulbs, so if you already have a Zigbee hub (like Wink, SmartThings, Alexa Echo Show or Echo Plus) then you wouldn’t need to use the included Sengled hub.

These bulbs are still too expensive. They need to be no more than $10 a piece before I will buy in. Even then, most likely i’ll get in when they’re $5 a piece.

Same on every point. Just drops out, have to go through re-pairing, etc. And yes, the dimming is not dim enough (though that’s most LEDs, in my experience).

Also, it’s super hard to figure out what app to use. There are like 15 Sengeled apps. I never did find the actual app to support this thing, just paired via Alexa hub and use that.

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