Sennheiser Bluetooth NC On-Ear Headphones

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Sennheiser Bluetooth NC On-Ear Headphones
Price: $169.99
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Condition: New


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These units are five years old now, and the lesser “brother” to the 550 model.

Although Senheiser makes the best headphones I’ve ever owned, these aren’t them.

Seems/sounds to me that a Momentum 2 would have been a better deal. Thanks so much for pointing out.

I bought the previous model (MM450) which I liked, but they broke on me. Sennheiser support sent me these (MM450-X) as a replacement with no hassle and they’ve been great for the past few years.

They sound good, are comfortable to wear, have active NC and Bluetooth, have decent battery life, use a replaceable battery that charges with micro USB, work corded if the battery is dead (or for longer life with NC only), fold reasonably small for storage, and can act as a Bluetooth headset for phone calls.

And this is even a good price for them and the company backs their product.

They’re just about the perfect travel or commute headphones in my opinion and experience.

In for one to upgrade my wife’s travel phones.

Looks like exact same headphones will be an Amazon lightning deal today at 9:59 EDT for Prime members. List price on Amazon is only 349.99, $100 less. Don’t buy on Woot until you see the Amazon lightning price!

[MOD: deal was an error, see my post below]

Link please.


Funny thing about that lightning deal. It was created yesterday while training someone on how to cream lightning deals. It was supposed to be removed afterwards but wasn’t. We’ve taken it down now. False alarm.

Major disappointment on the Amazon deal. Was checking it out, just as the deal came live saw it listed as $99. Got excited, refreshed the page and it was already gone.

I bought these a while back and had some issues right away, not being able to connect to blue tooth devices. Now it won’t connect to anything, ever…There’s a reason that these had to be refurbished…??