Sennheiser Dual Microphone Bluetooth Headset

Careful, this doesn’t work with the Droid. I’ve tried everything and i can’t get it to pair successfully.

$39.99 at tigerdirect $59.99 at newegg

Pretty good reviews on Amazon (where it sells for $63.15 - or $40 through Tiger Direct):

85 out of 100 rating on Alatest.,128/

I got this a few weeks ago. Works perfectly with my small ears, while wearing glasses, on my iPhone 3G.

Here are the instructions. This is a discontinued headset.

Also, this goes up to $270 retail… it’s a pretty good deal and it works fine with my Blackberrry Storm.

Is it possible to turn off one of the speakers on either side?

Or is the volume low enough that no one can hear the exposed speaker…

Sennheiser makes excellent aviation headsets and their customer service is top notch, but I cant vouch for the quality of these.

Would this work well for my PS3 or is the range not going to work at 15 feet?

This was previously wooted, and there are many answers to questions yet to be asked again.

The headset turns off the speaker facing outwards automatically. Works well for me

Bought Two of these last time and used one of them for two days, worked great, recharged it and now it won’t sync up to anything, it say’s it’s sync’ed according to the lights, but it’s not my phone. Been to busy with Christmas and stuff to look into getting it fixed, but just thaought I would share.

A very positive review here:

Can you guess by the “Woots By State” map that Oregon has a hands-free only cell phone law for drivers going into effect January 1st?

That is exactly why I am considering getting one (or three).

Which in turn made me curious… Here’s a link to all the state cell phone laws.

Wooted this a while back. Has been a solid headset so far. Replaced a Plantronics Discovery with this and am pleased with sound quality, build, and how easily it pairs with my Razr phone.

I give it a 5 star rating!!

I bought one last time it was on WOOT, I can’t find a single thing wrong with it, it pairs faster than most Motorola Headsets, you flip it open to turn it on and close it to turn it off, battery life is great, uses a USB charger which you can plug into anything, when you wear it feels good and is not irritating. I can’t find a single thing to complain about. If you need a Bluetooth Headset I recommend this one.