Sennheiser Dual Microphone Bluetooth Headset

80 bucks on Amazon.

There are a couple reviews right here.

Aren’t these thing supposed to be getitng smaller?

Anyone have previous experience with this?

What’s up with the paralyzed orange progress bar?

I need a woot checker, please

Doesn’t work with a Motorola Droid. :frowning:

Looks like the Van Gogh ear splicer

good if the trackers are not working faster than the site loads, its finally fair

i agree, what’s with the large thing behind the ears?

Had this headset - loved it - then I dropped it in the toilet. :frowning:

Lets see what my avatar looks like…

Often the behind the ear sets can offer more comfort and sometimes longer battery life without adding too much to the “geek look”.

For example the Plantronics Voyager 510 has been a well reviewed set for a very long time.