Sennheiser Folding Bluetooth Headphones

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Sennheiser Folding Bluetooth Headphones
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So, what distinguishes it from this, offered exactly three years ago for $100.00?

The one 3 years ago are the mm400, not the newer mm400x released in 2012. These mm400x use the at-x codec, for higher quality audio. A gimic? Maybe. But still a newer model.

Assuming these are not noise cancelling. Can someone confirm?



Got a pair of bluetooth earbuds for $18 online, sound is great, quality is good, and I’ve got $112 in my pocket.

While I very much doubt your ‘$18 earbuds’ are anywhere near the quality of these Sennheiser ones, I would still like to know what they are and where you purchased them. Please elaborate. A link maybe?

Earbuds are cheaper and if they’re not uncomfortable, they’re really the better deal. The only advantages these things have is that A.) they’re wireless and B.) they’re semi-kind-of-maybe over-the-ear. Sound quality is likely crap, but if you’re listening to low-quality mp3’s, maybe that’s not such a big deal.

I dunno - for my 100 ducats, I’d rather get some decent, noise-canceling, professional-type headphones with a cord.

I have a pair of the MM450-X’s (i.e. the next step up that adds active noise cancellation). They are great: high quality sound, good battery life, okay passive isolation, nice detachable cord that works if the battery dies, replaceable battery, micro USB for charging, and a good small case for travel. Bluetooth has been pretty solid too with my iPhones (Aside, iOS lacks support for the “APT-X” lossless audio bluetooth protocol, but I don’t do enough critical listening to notice.)

Sennheiser also has good customer support: I’d originally purchased the MM450’s and they developed a problem where they’d reset every time I hit the “next track” button. I mailed them in and they replaced them with the new “-X” model.

Back in the old days of Woot, the last B-O-C I was able to order had a pair of either these or the MM400s in them (I can’t remember which). That was definitely my most exciting B-O-C score.

Product name is “qy7”, can be found on amazon for $30 and a site called gearbest for $19.

never heard of these before. they seem pretty great. thanks