Sennheiser Gaming Earbuds

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Sennheiser Gaming Earbuds
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These work great. They mold to you ear canals great. Mic is a little left to be desired but overall - great stuff for the $$


But not for $40 =/

These are great earbuds, I am particularly a fan of the cord lengths. As stated above, the mic could be better but it functions well enough.

Picked one of these up last woot-off, and have been very happy with them. A bit pricey, but they sound great and fit comfortably.

Some really good reviews:

One negative review:

The only review of them on Amazon is a one-star review slamming the quality of the cable.

Ah, beat me to it

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I never saw anything wrong with the cable quality. It can be difficult to really mess up cable as long as cross talk doesn’t occur much.

The mic was really the only thing lacking.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1024&bih=583&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=1023623560667915122&sa=X&ei=2gkfTurUKsyLsAKM6qSxAw&ved=0CEwQ8wIwAw

Amazon Cost: $60
All Others $80+

Good Woot Deal Here if you are serious about gaming.

Woot still rox, but the new wootoff lights are teh suxxorz.

I love my Sennheiser Bluetooth headset, just wish these weren’t as expensive.

I think they are actually more expensive than the Bluetooth headset I bought.

I had no idea Brian Eno made the Windows 95 startup sound. Thanks, woot!

Got these in the last Woot Off. Overall they aren’t too bad for the price, but a few things to consider

  • The headphones portion are exactly the same (build and sound) as their CX400 headphones.

  • There is no mic pass-thru to the headphones. Since the earbuds are noise-isolating, it’s like talking with earplugs in if you are using the mic.

I just bought 2 sets. For the price these are going to be great Christmas gifts to the young gamers in my house.

Most of the negative reviews were based on the price. Best Buy shows this for $129. At less than 40 ea. I am sure they will be put to good use.

I disagree with the mic comment. I say they are a little right to be desired.

Without any means to clip it to your shirt, expect the microphone to dangle impotently, too far away for your gaming buddies to hear you over the sounds of clashing swords and casting spells. (Sounds may vary depending on which games you play.)

Also, in my experience, USB headsets tend to last longer than their dual-analog counterparts, this one being the latter. If you aren’t worried about the size, there are plenty of quality headsets for under $40.

Too early in the day for the haterade, just saying.