Sennheiser Gaming Earbuds

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Sennheiser Gaming Earbuds
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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wheres the deal??

These things are actually pretty damn good. I use them for both my smartphone and tablet.

Oh good. Gaming Earbuds. Those will FLY out of here. ugh.

I love Sennheiser products, but earbuds for gaming? Does anyone have these? If so, can you comment on how they sound for games and in general?

3.7/5 stars (3 reviews)

Anyone know if these will work with an iPhone or Samsung phone, with standard 1/8 jack …(and have the microphone work too) ?

Does anyone know if these can be used as low-rent mobile phone headsets?

I hope these aren’t reburbished!

2 good and 1 bad review on Amazon, but I’ve always heard good things about Sennheiser. I just bought a new pair of earbuds on the Amazon lightning deals right before these came up on the Wootoff, that’ll teach me!

They’re also $52 on amazon, with a msrp of $170

In general, they sound great. I use them on my smartphone and tablets, and they’re excellent for all of the music I listen to and the games I play.

Earbuds (or more accurately In Ear Monitors) for gaming are fantastic. I use a set of Ultimate Ears TripleFi.10s when I’m playing co-op. They eliminate mic bleed, and are comfortable for long periods of time.

These should be a good deal for $35, but despite owning many Sennheiser headphones and IEMs, have never been impressed with their sub-$50 products.

I bought these for my college age kids who love to game. They are happy with them.

no, they wont. You would need an adapter that takes the two plugs and combines them into a single plug.

I got these in the last wootoff (I think) and they’re pretty good! It comes with three sizes of earbuds, so you can get a good fit (I use the smallest ones so I can jam them in there). As long as they’re in pretty good, the sound is great! I use the built in mic for ventrilo purposes, and I haven’t heard any of my guildies complain (yet).

The cord keeps the mic a little far away from my mouth, I think, but maybe my head is just small. But if you don’t like the cords to your ear being different lengths, don’t get this. XD

Also, the pouch it comes with is very nifty! I store them in there while I don’t use them so my cat doesn’t get at them. (Though she has already played with the pouch… and the extension cord… and the headphones themselves… XD )

No. They have separate microphone and earphone jacks, but you can use them as stereo earbuds.

My impression is no. The picture shows that the headphones have separate audio and microphone lines (one green and one pink 3.5mm jack). Thus providing the product with the name “gaming” headphones, since they are designed for a PC as opposed to a device that uses dual mic/audio jack.

y 2 male plug ins. i like music & all my stuff comes w/ 1 female end. insights would appreciated for this big dum animal

If you want to use them with an Xbox 360, this may allow that to happen:

It’s a shame there are so many adapters needed to do this…